Monday, August 3

Technical Difficulties might keep trophies from coming to PSP

Talking to Playstation: The Official Magazine, Mr. Shu Yoshida could not directly answer the question at hand.

PTOM: Will trophies ever be available for PSP games?

Shu Yoshida: “it’s under discussion, but there are some technical challenges.” Not a very encouraging answer by any means, but we’ll have to wait and see.

PTOM also asked Shu about the motion controller, concerning the availability of games at launch, and what audience are they targeting.

Shu Yoshida: “Obviously we are looking at the ease of use of the motion controller to attract a broader audience, but when we work this new technology, because it’s so precise, we can see a lot of functions for more core gamers’ games.” “Like a first-person shooter would be great, walking around a room ducking and hiding. We’re looking at all kinds of possibilities.”

Wait a minute there Sir, “ducking and hiding” you say? I’m not too sure core gamers want to lose weight while playing Killzone 3; or Break HDTVs while wielding Kratos’ sword. Bring your toy to the market, let’s first see how it works please? Thank you.

08/03/09 Ernice Gilbert

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