Monday, August 3

Facebook on your DSi from Today

Want to keep up with your friends while playing your favorite DSi games? Don’t fret because as of today Nintendo will allow you to.

Edge is reporting that users of the Portable platform will be able to upload pictures taken with the DSi’s Cameras directly to facebook. You’ll receive the new functionality through a downloadable update which will allow interaction with the social networking site through wireless connections. Nintendo of America's executive vice president of sales and marketing Cammie Dunaway:

"Facebook and Nintendo DSi build on the trend of personalisation that is so important to consumers." "We're giving people the tools to express themselves in creative new ways and show off the results to their friends and family on Facebook."

Time is already limited as it is, yet they finds ways to steal more. Do you notice the trend? Sad, but hey, it’s ok with you right? No?

08/03/09 Ernice Gilbert

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