Monday, August 3

Can the Xbox 360 or PS3 render such stunning graphics?

Peradventure you’ve came across fanboys bragging about their favorite console and it’s graphical prowess. But did you know that none of the systems have ever come close to matching this PC title from Crytek, named Crysis? Yeah, you’ve heard of the Killzone 2 comparisons, but the argument can’t stand. of course killzone 2 looks stunning, Guerilla did raise the bar in the graphics department and now, other devs must follow. But I can’t remember not once being fooled into believing I was playing a movie while playing Killzone 2.

On the other hand, Crysis will do that to you. The game looks so good, so natural, it feels like you’re in a real life war when playing the FPS; you could even be overwhelmed by the realism so beautifully portrayed. Seriously, the game looks that good. But anyway, you be the Judge, can your PS3 or Xbox 360 render such jaw-dropping visuals? I don’t think so, maybe in the future, even on the current consoles, but as it stands now, Crysis reigns supreme.

08/03/09 Ernice Gilbert

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