Monday, August 3

Gran Turismo 5 set to launch in December?

This game might just come sooner rather than later. Last week, PlaystationLifestyle reported that had listed GT5 for release on December 29th 2009. Well, according to GTPlanet, they have a "secret source" that debunks Amazone tentative date but, GT5 will be released this year.

According to them, this “unofficial but extremely reliable source,” says the date will most likely be announced in August at the 2009 GamesCom event in Cologne at Sony’s press conference. Then came the final teaser statement, “he’s making his list and checking it twice,” perhaps Gran Turismo 5 will be launched right around the Christmas rush? It is by far the biggest racing sim ever made, and if Sony releases it this holiday season, things will go wild.

Even better would be a GT5 PS3 Slim bundle. Think about it, along with a price cut, Sony could make millions of gamers the world over extremely happy campers to say the least. So what say you? Do you think it’s another rumor that will be killed, or will GT5 be released in December? Share your thoughts.

08/03/09 Ernice Gilbert

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