Wednesday, August 12

Why is it that the PS3 price cut is leaked early, but not Xbox 360's? Suspicions...

Months ago, before Sony ever gave a hint that a price cut was incoming, the rumors had already saturated the web. Bloggers and so-called competent websites alike were making so much noise about the elusive PS3 Slim and price cut that even if you were dead, you would've known about it. So obviously if you're aware of an inevitable price drop of what ever it is you want, if you have the patience, you will wait. It's that simple, no one would deny the fact. And then came this fake video that was presumably captured somewhere in the Philippines showing the PS3 Slim in action. Some anonymous gametrailers employee then says, "Sony can't keep leaks, this PS3 Slim is real."

The rumors have been deafening; and yet still, they won't stop coming. But with the recent rumor that Microsoft is set to drop the price of the Xbox 360 elite to $299 by the end of August to preempt Sony's own price cut, you wonder, did any body knew about this earlier, but because of whatever reason, failed to release the info. Seriously, is Sony this LOUSY at keeping secrets, or are there other aspects in play?

These are just my opinions, and yours may vary, go ahead share your thoughts.

08/12/09 Ernice Gilbert

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