Thursday, August 6

Xbox 'Games on Demand' titles revealed

I know, the sun's hot like fire, and your car battery is dead. You want to play games but have none. Going down to gamestop is too much of a hassle you say? Aww, Microsoft feels your pain and as of this coming tuesday, you can grab a selected few titles right from you couch, (more will be made available later). The first batch will be added to the games on demand service with the new feature in the eagerly anticipated dashboard update. Microsoft has not yet set any price, but says they'll be similar in price to their counterparts.

Games on demand is the wave of the future, (fuuuutuuuuure. Got it?) but Microsoft's doing all it can to continue leading the pack in online play. The Playstation Network is right up to par with XBLA, and as both companies continue to fight for online dominance, it could only mean one thing for gamers the world over, we win folks. We win.

08/06/09 Ernice Gilbert

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