Thursday, August 6

Sales sink at Konami, Snake is not around to help

Konami recently released their quarterly earnings for the Period April 1 to June 30th. But compared to the same time last year, sales were depressingly lower.

It comes as no surprise though, because last year millions of people from around the world were purchasing copies of the mega-hit Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. This year though, the story's different, as people are not buying the game anymore and Konami did not have much to bring on the table.

The company's digital entertainment division reported 44.9 billion yen in net revenues.
However for the last quarter, that was down to 24.6 billion yen. The gaming division had even worst results, down 13.2 billion yen compared to last year's 1.5 billion.

Don't be fooled, konami got some blockbuster hits lined up, and this loss is just for one quarter. Pro Evolution Soccer will be out in October, one of Konami's main breadwinner. Expect things to pick up again. soon.

08/06/09 Ernice Gilbert

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