Monday, September 21

Aaron Greenberg: "Microsoft shapes up really well against Sony this winter"

Another holiday season's upon us, and according to MS's new director of project management for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live (Aaron Greenberg), the Redmond company stacks up pretty well against its archenemy Sony. In an interview with eurogamer, Greenberg sat down to field some questions ranging from price cuts, HDMI cables, and the Christmas season. Eurogamer compiled and list of Sony's offerings available for the Holiday period into early next year, then posed the question to Greenberg, asking whether he thinks the Xbox 360's lineup will hold up:

"I think if you look at this holiday, we shape up really well versus Sony," Aaron voiced.

"Sure, they have Uncharted and Ratchet, but if you want to play Halo 3: ODST, Forza 3, Left For Dead 2, or the GTA IV exclusive games, you are going to find them on the Xbox 360. Then you have to add all the exciting offerings we are bringing to Xbox Live with Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM and instant-on-demand HD movies in 1080p."

"But of course you could look beyond this holiday and add even more exclusives like Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2, Crack Down 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Halo Reach and Project Natal. I truly believe Xbox 360 is uniquely positioned to deliver the leading games and entertainment experiences both today and tomorrow."

Mr. Greenberg sounds very convinced; and for his sake, let's hope he's on point, because in reality, Sony has come prepared for war this holiday season like no other time before. And if early reactions offer any hints, it's that the black behemoth is looking awfully good come Christmas.

09/21/09 Ernice Gilbert

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