Monday, September 21

Greenberg: It was a tough decision to remove the HDMI cable from the 360's box

The gaming community has been relentlessly sharing their thoughts concerning Microsoft's decision to remove the HDMI cable from the 360's box, forcing consumers to buy it separately instead. Gamers were a tad bit confused as to why would the executives endorse such a move that seemed irrelevant. Talking to eurogamer today, Aaron Greenberg had some answers he hoped quelled the public's queries:

"Good question and one I am getting asked a lot these days. I can tell you that decisions like this never come easy and a variety of factors come into play. First, we looked at the research,which shows that the majority of consumers who purchased an Elite console were not even using the HDMI cable. Then we also had to consider that when we first added the Elite console to our offerings, the value of the HDMI cable was quite high. Today, as we know HDMI cables have become pretty common and commoditised in many respects. So at the end of the day we decided that it was best to remove the cost of the cable from the box, but pass on the savings to consumers in form of a price drop."

Good reasoning I'd say, but still, having that HDMI cable removed remains a bummer. Really, could they not just kept the thing in the box? It's not that expensive. Oh well.

09/21/09 Ernice Gilbert

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