Sunday, September 20

Concept art for canceled Halo game found on Dylan Cole's website

Halo, oh Halo, we love you. You have blessed our Xbox and Xbox 360s with a killer app. And although we've mentioned in the past that we cannot get enough, we're starting to feel as if we need a break from you. At least a year. We already had the RTS Halo Wars, and now you've graced us once more with Halo 3: ODST, all within 12 months. So when we heard that concept art for a Halo game was found, we were perturbed, yes, greatly disturbed about the prospects of yet another Halo game in development. But thankfully, the art was from a canceled Halo project, which could be the Halo MMO Ensemble was working on. Who knows.

The art's beautiful though, so maybe you could use it in the future? We heard Dylan called the images "Halo Universe," which we suspect might'v been the name of that "Halo Game." So until next time, take great care of yourself, we will need you very soon. In a blink. Wink.

09/21/09 Ernice Gilbert

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