Saturday, September 19

Dear Microsoft, the Xbox 360 is losing ground. Do something.

Ever since the Xbox 360 landed on planet earth in 2005, Microsoft has been ferociously supporting their flagship console. It came out a full year ahead of the PS3 and has been waging an all out war with Sony's black behemoth. The 360 managed to build a lead of about 6-7million in units sold lead over the PS3, and apart from the much documented and dreaded RROD, Microsoft has done a great job at keeping the momentum steady, with great exclusives and second-to-none advertising.

The PS3 on the other side of the ring, came out a year later than the Xbox 360, with a price tag that left many of Sony's fan base on the sidelines for years; the console had a very small library of games to boot, and the multi-plats almost all the time looked and ran way better on the Xbox 360. The PS3 had many hiccups from it's inception, and into 2008. To many journalists, it seemed the once No. 1 contender was waging a loosing war. But oh were they wrong, very, very wrong. Fast forward to Sept. 1st 2009, and by the look of things, Sony is on course to gain back its former glory. Read on...

On Sept. 1st 2009, PS3 Slim was launched, and not only did the slimmer sexier console propelled to No. 1 on hardware charts across the globe, it actually was able to set a new record in first week sales for Sony in Japan, with over 150,000 units sold. But what's more astounding is, the momentum is not slowing down that much, and now the PS3 is outstripping even the Nintendo Wii. How long will it keep up, is anyones guess, but with the stellar line-up the PS3 has going into the holiday season, I see no signs slowing, that is, if Microsoft don't step up.

Vgchartz just released it's worldwide weekly chart for the week ending 12th September 2009, and the line could not have been drawn any clearer; Microsoft has to do something, and do it quick, or watch Sony's Slimmed down console eat into it's lead by about 5 million by March of next year, almost erasing the lead it has over the PS3 completely. Yes, they tried bundling a new 250GB Xbox 360 with MDW2, but if amazon's best seller list is any indication, that strategy is not working out as planned. And obviously, the price cut they issued is not yielding exciting results. So, something has to be down. Dear Microsoft, the Xbox 360 is losing ground. Please do something.

09/19/09 Ernice Gilbert

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