Monday, September 28

Halo 3: ODST is now third fastest selling title on Xbox360

Call it want you want, but one thing you can't call Halo 3: ODST is a failure. Many critics were hard on Bungie's latest effort, accusing Microsoft of charging full price for what in their opinion is an extension pack. Well it seems nothing can keep the great franchise down, even after sending Master Chief on a much needed vacation. The final data is in, and Halo 3: ODST has proven to be one of the most successful franchise on the 360.

Not only did the game manage to sell 1.8 million copies on the first day it was available, (which is less than what was estimated) It also became the third fastest selling game in the Xbox360's History. Now if that's not cause to celebrate nothing is; this must be encouraging to Bungie and Microsoft, demonstrating yet again the strength of the Halo franchise.

The game sold over 1.7 million copies in North America, 50,000 in France, 20,000 in Japan and around 230,000 in the United Kingdom. See the full break down of life-to-date sales of the all time best sellers on the Xbox360 here.

Halo 3: ODST is available exclusively on the Xbox 360 and is in stores worldwide now.

09/28/09 Ernice Gilbert


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  2. LOL This is Halo 2 DLC for $60, can tell by story and 2004 graphics. M$ just milked money off what they cut from Halo 2....Sad Fan girls!!

  3. Halo 2 DLC but not 2004 graphics Joe - it is not Killzone 2 graphics but visually good enough - story and flawless gameplay drive the Halo franchise

  4. Where the story takes place doesn't have anything to do with it's value, and if Bungie can continue to do it with an old graphics engine then that's more than a complement. This game is golden no matter how you look at it. I only feel bad for those of you too blind to see a good game when right in front of you. :\ game on freaks!

  5. the face animations in this game are horrendious!
    biggest waste of 110 AUD since leasure suit larry box office bust.
    it amaises me how much products can rely on name alone to sell.
    seriously M$ could release a halo tetris or a halo eat the turd out of the toilet and it would sell millions.

  6. REALLY?
    u guys are debating iff halo odst is a good game or a great value.?!?!?!?

    LISTEN! Halo odst is fantastic, but just an expanstion. dont forget that. yes, its full price, but with 50 dollars dlc, u cant complain. I LOOOVE odst. it has good(not great) graphics, and a shit story but hey! its still freaking amazing.

    WITH THAT SAID, there are other games to look foward to. i beleive that odst deservse 3rd fastest selleing, but wait till the end of the year, cuz it can go from 3rd to 10h for all u kno. MW2,AC2,L4D2,Uncharted 2, ect.