Tuesday, September 29

Rumor Thirst: Square-Enix to lay off 200-300 workers

The Japanese gaming market has surely seen better days; with some of its own developers predicting dire conclusions. So it comes as no surprise that one of Japan's largest Publishers (Square-Enix), is rumored to be laying off 200-300 employees. If this is true, it could be a necessary move to reorganize after the recent acquisition of Eidos Interactive, which will be renamed Square-Enix Europe.

The Publishing giant has had a good year thus far, with Dragon Quest IX selling over 3.7 million copies on the Nintendo DS. They're also preparing to release another installment of their most dependable title, Final Fantasy, and on December 17th 2009, the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII will be available in Japan exclusively for the PS3. It's expected to fly off shelves like the fantasy it is, making a good year great for Square-Enix.

We the lowly Europeans and Americans will have to endure till spring 2010 before we can lay our hands on this gem. Some however, may not be so patient... Including me.

09/29/09 Ernice Gilbert

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