Tuesday, September 29

Super Street Fighter IV Confirmed, available spring 2010

Ah, another round in the everlasting Street Fighter saga, but I'm not complaining, and I suspect neither are you. It seems gamespot's got all the info coming from the man himself, producer Yoshinori Ono.

SSIV won't be some DLC type let down however, it'll be a stand alone disc based game. Also, you won't have to dole out $60 for this one, although its worth that much, Capcom knows a thing or two about hard times, therefore they won't hurt your pocket.

The game will feature eight new characters, including Dee Jay and T. Hawk. Also, new upgrades and tweaks were added, accumulated from community feedback.

Look for it spring 2010 on PS3 and Xbox 360. Get full details here.

09/29/09 Ernice Gilbert

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