Tuesday, September 29

Microsoft says Halo 3: ODST read disc errors are not widespread

This may come as good news to Halo 3: ODST owners, who are a bit perturbed by recent reports from gamers complaining about disc read errors, while playing the campaign and firefight modes of Bungie's latest effort Halo 3: ODST. Microsoft has since then responded on the errors, telling eurogamer, "we are aware of a very small number of people who are reporting they can't play the game," and then adding, "at this point it doesn't appear to be a wide spread issue.

Polling done by Joystiq would beg to differ with Microsoft's numbers. Surprisingly out of 5608 people, 1769 (31 percent) of respondents said they were having technical problems while attempting to play ODST. For gamers sake, let's hope Microsoft is right; and the polls wrong?

09/29/09 Ernice Gilbert

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