Friday, September 25

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima's last Playstation exclusive?

Kojima and his team are working extremely hard to make the PSP title Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker a first class game. We'd expect nothing less from the San himself, but with Metal Gear Solid: Rising being announced as a multiplatform title, and Kojima building strong ties with Microsoft, many have a nagging feeling that Peace Walker might be Sony's last exclusive title from the legend.

A few days ago, Microsoft unveiled some partners who've signed on to make Project Natal a success. Not only was Hideo Kojima a part of that team, but he also had some choice and very positive words to say concerning Project Natal, read about his excitement here.

We live in a time of payouts and behind-the-curtain deals, therefore, it's not far fetched to think about the possibility of all Metal Gear games after Peace walker going mulitplatform. This is exactly what happened with Metal Gear Solid: Rising. Also, Konami is in the games business to make money, and when looking at the Xbox 360, it'd be foolish to ignore the console's userbase of 31 million. Keep in mind, Konami remains Kojima's boss, and at the end of the day, he has to adhere to the company's decisions. However, Kojima was never one to compromise quality, so rest assured even if all his games after Peace Walker go on both the PS3 and Xbox 360, they'll be masterpieces. Metal Gear Solid: Rising will attest to that.

09/25/09 Ernice Gilbert

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  1. You never know, but I doubt it. Either ways, I'll be getting the PS3 versions, don't matter what he releases..