Tuesday, September 29

Microsoft Prepares Holiday Bundles

The Xbox 360 will be coming to a store near you for the holidays, but unlike the usual game console and controller, Microsoft has prepared some bundles to sweeten the deal, two sweet deals for that matter.

First bundle is a wireless controller, lumines Live!, Bomberman Live, Ms. Pac-Man and a copy of Geometry Wars 2. All for the fair deal of $59.99.

The other bundle includes a 120GB Xbox 360 Elite, one copy of Lego Batman: The Video game, and a copy of Pure. It'll be sold at the new price point of $299 USD in the US and our Canadian friends at the valid exchange rate. If you've been sitting on the fence about getting yourself that Xbox 360 you promised, then now is the time. Some Wal-Marts are opened 24/7.

09/30/09 Ernice Gilbert

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