Tuesday, September 29

Square-Enix looking to sell over six million copies of Final Fantasy XIII

The company behind one of the most respected Franchise, is hoping the latest installment will eclipse sales of its predecessors. CEO Yoichi Wada hopes, after making the once PS3 exclusive a multi-platform game, that sales will go well beyond the record set by Final Fantasy VII, this means FFXIII would have to go past the six million mark. Wada also stressed that the company was looking to establish some new IPs that would, in essence, take some load off of the already established names like, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.

Wada continues, saying the company is striving for eight IPs that would constantly provide 2million units sales for the publishing giant. With development time lasting around 2years, the company hopes to release a game every quarter.

Square-Enix recently bought struggling developer Eidos Interactive for $117million, and is said to be changing its name to Square-Enix Europe, a testament to Yoichi and his team's global outlook.

09/30/09 Ernice Gilbert

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