Wednesday, September 30

First Super Street Fighter IV gameplay videos

Capcom waisted no time with this one. The success of Street Fighter IV propelled them into doing what they've always done, give us like, (six?) different versions of the same game. But you are not complaining are you? Okay, maybe you are complaining. Well if you already purchased the recently released Street Fighter IV, then don't fret, you're not missing out of much, unless you're a SF freak and can't get enough, then I see no reason to pick this one up.

Although to compensate for its early arrival, Capcom said the game wouldn't retail at full price, still I hear gamers yelling, contending the release of yet another SF game. I'll stay out of this one, but you can jump right in the fray and share your thoughts. Video after the jump.

09/30/09 Ernice Gilbert

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