Tuesday, September 22

The Naughty Dogs are Advertising their Killer App across the States

If you haven't heard about Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, then you must'v been living underneath a rock in Alaska, because since E3, U2 has been the talk of the gaming media. But just in case you do live underneath a rock in Alaska, uh, maybe not Alaska, let's say anywhere on the mainland, albeit underneath a rock, fear not, the Naughty Dogs are on their way to enlighten you.

See this monstrous machine we call a truck above? Yeah, keep your eyes open and you might just be in for a treat. The 1st party Sony developers have paired up with Best Buy for a promo package dubbed "The Best Buy Entertainment Holiday Kickoff," and will be touring the country promoting UC2 and other Sony games. First stop: Kansas City. Next stop: Might be at your doorstep, no kidding. Keep your eyes open.

The hotly anticipated game Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will be on store shelves in the US on October 13th 2009, around the world soon after. And will be available exclusively for the PS3.

09/22/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. Wow! If only I lived in America...(Niko Bellic flashes across my mind)

  2. Hey uberpix, move to America then. lol