Wednesday, September 30

Sony was prepared for more PSPgo backlash

A revolution never happens easily. People die, Governments crumble, friends turn to enemies, you know where I'm going with this, when change is on the horizon resistance is inevitable. Some would rather the situation remain the same; change they claim is too uncomfortable, to risky, it takes too much time, energy, and money. Then there's the possibility of things not working out, so indeed, a good case could be made against revolutions. Obviously the gaming industry's version of "change" or "revolution" is much less drastic, but nonetheless, resistance of a different kind rares its head. The PSPgo is one device that signals to a "revolution" a "change" in the way games are purchased and played, and yes, this same little device is facing an uphill battle. Sony saw this from a distance, and so, they prepared themselves for battle. Speaking to GI, UK PSP product manager Claire Backhouse said:

"We were very aware of concerns when we went into it and I actually expected a lot more negative responses than we actually got," Claire says. Apparently, the world is not stuck in the 20th century as Sony thought:

"They were really quite fine with it. They see it as a way of getting people into the store because it's new interest, a new product. And they've had strong sales as well of the PSP-3000 almost off the back of it."

So I'll conclude, the industry is not against a revolution as I may have thought, although a few will fight for the status quo, generally from gamers to publishers and Developers, even most retailers welcome change, after all, they know it's the catalyst for growth.

PSPgo will 'go' on sale in North America and Europe on October 1st 2009.

09/30/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. Did you read the 1up article you linked to? It doesn't sound like you did.

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