Thursday, October 29

12 secret games to be announced in 2010

Going on what we already know, 2010 will be a big year for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Both have exclusives that will keep system owners happy, and then you have the multiplats. That's what we know, but according to Playstation: The Official Magazine, there are eight games that have yet to be announced that we'll see in 2010, we've added four more secret titles to the list.

Killzone 3 ~ According to PTOM, Killzone 3 is definitely in the works at Guerrilla Games. We all would agree that's obvious, and with the game engine already established, it is now much faster to develop Killzone 3, expect an announcement at E32010.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 ~ The magazine ran some screens in their August 2008 issue, and to add even more credence to the pending announcement, footage of the game has been leaked. Fans of the franchise will be delighted when the announcement is made.

A new Tomb Raider ~ No doubt another title featuring the formidable Lara Croft is in the works. Artwork of a pending title was leaked on the web recently, showing Lara even in better shape and a bit slimmer, ready to take on some zombies on horseback. Lara on Horseback? Things have changed haven't they? Expect an E32010 grand entrance for the leading lady.

Call of Duty: World at War 2 ~ A Treyarch's employee online resume mentions the title, to no one's surprise really, World at War sold over 10 million copies. Expect an announcement anytime next year, or even earlier.

A new James Bond game ~ Annual Financial reports reveal that Activision's hard at work on a new James Bond game. So don't say you didn't know when the announcement is made.

Spider-Man ~ A new Spidey game is in the works, this time the devs behind Prototype is leading development. Seems like Activision's going a whole new direction with this one, official statement could come soon.

Timesplitters 4 ~ There have been reports claiming the game have been canned, they are only lies. Yep, rumors have been extremely exaggerated as the former Free Radical team has been absorbed and relabeled as Crytek UK. Look out for screen shots, and other info hitting the web soon.

Ghost Recon 4 ~ Prepare your guns, hearts, and will; yes, your will, war is a dangerous game, and Ubisoft has no taste for ending the battle. The company is hard at work on part four of the well received title, coming to a store in your area late 2010.

Hitman 5 ~ It's no secret, but since the devs behind Batman: Arkham Asylum denied they were behind the project, IO interactive has been assigned to take the lead on this one.

Bioshock 3 ~ Yes indeed, 2K's president Christoph Hartman has been talking about a follow-up to Bioshock 2, saying it's already in the works, which means after part two is released and has been out for a while, teasers and suspicious leaks could begin bombarding the web late 2010. But we're sure that'd be fine by you.

GTA V ~ It's been a long time coming, and most definitely under development by Rockstar for a while now. Analyst Michael Pachter placed his bets on the game being released 2010, albeit late 2010. We tend to believe it will. Look out for an official megaton announcement anytime from now.

Resistance 3 ~ The internet in recent weeks has been overwhelmed with rumors about a billboard claiming Resistance 3 is under heavy development. It rings even truer since Insomniac never came out and to deny it. Also, the company's Full Moon show podcast hints at a project we can only guess is Resistance 3. It will be out late 2010. For sure.

There are many games that'll be making a huge splash next year, and when those secret games listed above are officially brought to light, it seems next year will be a year like no other for the gaming industry. Prepare to spend serious cash.

10/29/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. Those I'm hoping for:

    Killzone 3
    Tomb Raider
    Resistance 3

    That's it.

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  3. The only two games I want in 2010 is Killzone 2 and GOW III

  4. there will be no GTA on 2010, it might be announced at E3 but it won't come any sooner than june 2011

    world at war 2 and resistance 3 are coming on 2010 for sure

    beyond good and evil 2 is on hold and it might not come out at all

    after Haze free radical lost all credibility so it's a pretty safe bet they're going back to proven terrain

    bioshock 3 has been confirmed for along time now, let's hope the original creator is back on board

    games that will be announced on 2010 not on this list:

    twisted metal
    jak and daxter PS3
    sly cooper 4
    zone of the enders
    syphon filter

    try as I might I can not think of any possible 360 exclusive to be announced, maybe something previously MP like Hitman or something unexpected like too human 2

    I have a 360 and I would love another Gears but it looks like Epic is waiting for new hardware

  5. Hope these ones are true Killzone 3, Spiderman (if it is good), GTA V, and Resistance 3. Dont really care for the rest of them.

  6. man i want uncharted 3, uncharted 2 has put the gaming industry out of business for a good few months. Failing a new uncharted ill take whatever naughty god is offering. Gta v will be tasty aswell.

  7. what a crap list, only one im interested is the new tomb raider

  8. + Test Drive Unlimited 2

  9. Timesplitters 4? That IS good news! (If true). Also hoping for Twisted Metal - or whatever Eat Sleep Play and Jaffe are working on.

  10. Games i'm looking forward to next year:

    Final Fantasy XIII
    White Knight Chronicles
    God Of War 3
    Gran Turismo 5
    Mafia II
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
    Smackdown Vs Raw 2011
    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Pokemon Heart Gold

    Games that are yet to be announced:

    New Simpsons game.

  11. Killzone 3, Time Splitters 4, Bioshock 3 and Resitance 3. some great games for my playstation. looking forward to them

  12. GTAV will be out in 2011 thats Rockstar way of doing things, you forgot to mention a new Metal Gear Solid Risen for 360, and yes we will be getting a new Call Of Duty World At War this one is gonna take place in Vietnam.......

  13. SOCOM 4 - E3 2010 debut - late 2010 launch.

  14. lolz at the resistance 3 write up, insoniac mentioned 2 projects, one secret project (a new IP) at their second studio, and the other is going to be resistance 3 without a shadow of a doubt.

    also where are the theories on star hawk, twisted metal, jak and daxter, sly cooper/ infamous 2, zone of the enders?
    and for god sakes leave out call of duty. we know there will be one every single year!

  15. Nice, I am wondering if GTAV title will be released that early......

  16. -Shinji Mikami's Secret project
    -A new onimusha game or dino crisis
    -DMC 5
    -A new silent hill game by team silet
    -The next mistwalker's game

    We will DEFINITELY hear about them next year !!!!

  17. I think Agent will come first before GTA5.
    Anyway, out of the list, i'm only interested in KZ3,R3 and Beyond Gd&Evil2.

    My top 3 wishlist:
    1)Twisted Metal <- i will be so mad if this isn't Jaffe's new project..unless it's a new IP that has the same soul as TM

    2)Zone of Enders <-Kojima i don't want to wait anymore D:

    3)Legend of Dragoon 2 <- Slim chance but i really want it

  18. Killzone 2 sucks so will killzone 3.Cant Wait For GOD OF WAR 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Killzone 3 will suck?? Hahah it's only rated the best FPS with the best graphics and intense gameplay. If you don't like Killzone 2 you're certainly not a gamer, because even Xbox360 fans know they are missing out, not even halo can compare. Not to mention the new Motion Sensor coming out Spring 2010 that is exclusivly for PS3 which will put an end to the Wii.
    By next year the PlayStation 3 develepors will take advantage of the Cell processor unlike ever before which will give the edge for all videos games to PlayStation 3. Soon all the PS3 games will have graphics like Uncharted 2 and the Wii will be stuck with characters that look like they are from a preschool toy box, and the 360 will be stuck with the graphics they have. Folks get a PS3, online is absolutly free as well.
    Don't listen to 360 fans they will try to say the PS3 online is full of glitches and lag. They are full of shit, games like Killzone, Uncharted 2, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2(Over 60players online), MLB 09, GTAIV, MAG, Call of Duty all run smooth as a baby's ass online.

  20. I'd also love to see what Zipper Interactive can do with the new SOCOM 4 for 2010. It's going to be a fantastic year for Sony. But I know 360 will compete, PS3 will have the edge over all systems and the Wii will be out of the picture for 2010.

  21. TombRaider, the rest is meh.

  22. metal gear rising is multiplataform, it was confirmed last E3 that it's coming to PS3 as well

  23. i just want new elders scrolls

  24. what is with half of you people saying things like "Crap list." or "only tombraider FTW OMG!!" a lot of these games are sequels to extremely well made and successful games. this list is a bunch of good games. 2010 looks promising.

  25. Zone of the Enders 3, Dark Cloud 3, Onimusha 5, Maximo 3, Devil May Cry 5... wtf is wrong with the devs!?

  26. sequel, sequel, sequel, wow how about some new friggen IPS!

  27. So in summary ALL of those on PS3, but only some of them on Xbox..

  28. 1. The Wii is getting updated to a blu-ray drive with 1080p this is happening by 2011 the will definitely be back in the game. 2. Kz2 Sucked as far as online went and Kz3 better make up for it. R2 sucked R3 better get it right . 3. Xbox360 is dead inless they offer FREE online intill there Next Xbox. Other then all that 2010 will be ps3s year to shine they better take control in 2010

  29. how about both d*ck head.

  30. hasn't ioi always been lead on the hitman series? since, ya know, they created and developed all of the hitman games? anyways...

  31. Not one original title listed.... disappointing.

  32. Cmon... just give us Jak & Daxter for PS3 damnit!

  33. Erm, Ghost Recon 4 (or Predator as it is now called) was announced ages ago.

  34. E3 2010 Square Enix will have released FFXIII and FFXIV...perhaps a FFVII remake might finally be announced?

  35. obviously no one can predict unannounced new IPs

  36. Neat list. Games I hope get announced next year at E3:

    Rayman 4
    Earthworm Jim 4
    New Oddworld Game
    New Banjo-Kazoie Game

    In a recent interview, the game director for Rabbids Go Home announced that Rayman will return for more action-adventure games. The other games I listed have also been announced, although Lorne Lanning did say that it would be a few years before the next Oddworld game...
    I grew up playing an N64, so I'm an action-adventure man.

  37. In 2010 I will defiantly buy this games
    1.Killzone 3 ~Beyond Good
    2. Evil 2
    3.A new Tomb Raider
    4.Call of Duty: World at War 2

  38. seriously, you have to be a idiot to think half of those games are going to be released next year.

    it took them almost 5 years to do KZ2.
    and no the engine work is not done, in a interview just before KZ2 released the devs said theres lots of things they want to add to the engine after KZ2s release.

    time splitters 4?
    crytek UK are a fairly small team, no where near big enough to work on crysis 2 AND teamsplitters 4.

    R* north is now working on agent, theres no way there working on agent and GTAV.
    and they have NEVER gone from increments they allways go for spin offs till the next big one.

    also as if all these are going to come out next year.
    seriously think about it how is sony suppose to release.

    along with those on the list.
    i mean seriously theres no way in hell sony is going to release all those games in 1 year, there wont be enough of a gap for each to reach its potentional sales.
    dont take a brain sergon to figure that one out.

  39. The only Reason Why SONY might put out a good game list is to OWN in the Console War of 2010 With the Wii out because there making new system and the Xbox360 down but not out the games might be released to finish the Xbox360 off intill they make there new next-gen system.So i Would Say Definitely Expect a Killer List for The PS3 In 2010.

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  41. I'm excited for GTA this 2010. but I'm also looking forward for the other games on the list next year. I'm expecting a lot of surprises from them. :)

  42. 2 games:

  43. you all forgot about Shenmue 3. It will shock the gaming world and I will scream like a 12 year old girl. I wish I could believe this would happen as I am typing it.

  44. I might I can not think of any possible 360 exclusive to be announced, maybe something previously MP like Hitman or something unexpected like too human.