Thursday, October 29

Rumor Thirst: Wii 2 coming late next year with blu-ray functionality

This generation, although the Wii has been the biggest success of all consoles on the market, they've literally ignored the hardcore market. Little to no games cater to them, and it has been a stigma following Nintendo all through this cycle.

Well things are about to change, and change big, if, and that's a huge if this rumor is factual.

Maxconsole has said that they've received a tip via through a Nintendo France marketing employee. In the tip, details of a New Wii are given, including a blu-ray drive mainly to stop piracy. According to the site, actual information was leaked by an internal source of the marketing Nintendo France service.

~ The Wii 2 will feature a blu-ray drive with a secondary aim of stopping piracy.

~ 1080p and lower resolutions will be supported for blu-ray movies and games.

~ Rumored release date is Q3 2010.

~ It will receive a worldwide release on the same day for all countries.

~ You'll be able to trade-in your old Wii and purchase the Wii 2 at a cheaper price.

The marketing employee also said that Nintendo would like to make a worldwide announcement only one month before the new console is launched, and that huge publicity and viral marketing will be utilized to create the buzz.

Rest asuured, buzz or no buzz we'll be picking this up on day one, if there's anything to pick up that is. Take with a grain of salt folks, don't break anything just yet.

Get the full vibe through the link.

10/29/09 Ernice Gilbert

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