Thursday, October 29

PS2 is now 9 years old, 140 million sold worldwide

On October 26th, 2000, I was 19yrs old, it was also the same year the best selling console of all time was released. Obviously the PS2 wasn't my entry into videogames, I've been playing even before the NES was birthed; but today we celebrate by booting a PS2 game, (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater for us) which might just by the last.

Sony, the maker of said console is also having a celebration of its own and has sent out some figures and information on the system that most may not know:

  • One in every three US households own a PS2 system
  • 140 million people around the world own a PS2
  • The SOCOM franchise has become one of the most played of all time, with over 530 million online hours logged since the debut of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs in 2002 equaling 60,000 years of online play
  • More than 500 million software units have been sold for PS2 in the US
  • More than 485 developers have developed for the platform since its launch
  • By the end of this fiscal year, nearly 10,000 titles in total will be available for the system

"With nine years under our belt, the PS2 shows no signs of slowing down and at $99 it still offers hours of fun for the whole family," the software giant relayed.

"The Playstation 2 is well on its way to delivering ten years of value to consumers and will continue to serve as a testament to the leading innovation and unbeatable entertainment the Playstation brand provides to its consumers."

What can we say. Good going PS2, happy birthday.

10/29/09 Ernice Gilbert

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