Monday, October 12

Bioware: No comment on Mass Effect 2 PS3 Listing

And it keeps on getting better, rumors have been circulating the web heavily concerning Mass Effect 2 landing on the PS3 alongside the Xbox 360 and PC versions, with Australian retailer GAME adding the RPG as also coming to the PS3 and EA Russia, (a more reliable source) listing a PS3 version on their site. And now, a response from Bioware.

According to Scrawlfx, a user on the official Bioware forums, linking to them, asked Bioware what they had to say about the listings, to which Bioware's Patrick Weekes responded:

"That we don't comment on rumors." :-)

Yep, complete with the smiley face emoticon. My feeling is, Mass Effect 2 is undoubtedly PS3 bound, no question EA wants to double the amount earned on one of their most profitable games. Thing is, will the game be released simultaneously, or will the PS3 version come later? We'll have to wait and see.

10/12/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. Great post thanks for posting.
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  3. err wrong. EA russia also listed L4D2 as ps3 bound, but now both that and ME2 have the ps3 label removed. it was an error.

    sorry, but nice try sony boy :)