Monday, October 12

Christians being represented in the gaming industry by the Left Behind Series

For many years, Christians have been well represented in the music and film industries, with major retailers like Walmart selling Christian music, movies and books including the well know left behind series that has gone on to sell over 65 million copies. Even with all the success Christian based entertainment has enjoyed, you'd be hard-pressed to find a biblically based video game in a store near you. In fact, you won't find a Christian video game on any of the major consoles. Today, we have some good news.

Although its's just a start, the new Left Behind Charlie Church Mouse PC video game are among three titles on a test in 100 Texas Walmart stores to gauge the interest of consumers on whether they want Biblically based games or not.

Texas is the ideal place for such a test since its demographic breakdown suits the survey perfectly. The state ranks first in the nation in the number of Evangelical Protestants (5 million), second in the number of mainland Protestants (1.7 million) and third in the number of Catholics.

"The U.S market of Christian video games could reach $648 million within the next five years based upon just 3% of video games sales being in the Chistian segment." This projection is based on a prediction given by Pricewaterhousecoopers that sales of video game software will reach $21.6 billion within the next five years in the U.S alone.

Inpsired Media is encouraged by the latest projections, however they know that in order for them to get a real breakthrough in the market, it'll take vigorous advertising, raising public awareness and giving 110% in every department. This is an uphill battle, so to promote the games arrival, letters were sent out to thousands of Churches, reaching out to pastors and their congregations, an effort that will last for ten weeks through Christmas. In Texas, there are 25 million residents, 49% of whom claim to attend a Church or a Synagogue at least once a week.

If you're Christian and would like to see Biblically based video games make it onto the major consoles and not only PC, then now is your chance to show your support by spreading the news and purchasing a copy for yourself.


10/12/09 Ernice Gilbert

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