Saturday, October 24

GH5 Dir.:Motion controls could bring new life into genre

So you're dreaming of using Natal whilst playing Guitar Hero 5? What about using two of Sony's motion controllers dubbed "Sphere" to help you become the biggest baddest Rock band drummer? Keep your hopes up, because you're not alone. Brian Bright is the project director for Guitar Hero 5, and he shared some interesting outlooks with Playstation: The Official Magazine.

"I think if we just continue to focus on what makes a game fun and if we can come up with gameplay stuff like the jump-in, jump-out [co-op added by GH5] - stuff that's fun and not just a gimmicky and just really compelling," Brian said when asked about the staying power of rhythm games. "I think there's staying power in there. And I'm pretty excited about Natal and the Sony motion control stuff they announced at E3. That could bring new life to the genre as well," he relayed.

PTOM: What kind of role might motion controls play in music games?

"The obvious things would be like motion controls," Brian continued. "The camera tracks you: you're doing stuff and your guy on screen is doing stuff now. Animations systems are pretty complicated and there's a lot of massaging of the data to go through, but that could be one.

"Also, if you look at our music studio, I could see Minority Report-style building blocks, putting musical blocks together in a virtual space and creating music really easily."

"When I used to sit in middle school, I would always do drum beats on the desk. So now with frequency analysis and the ability to map those frequencies to different samples, if you do this [drums on table with hands] you can map this to a kick drum and sample this to a snare and have it in real time - we're playing a drum machine," he said.

"So maybe there's a way to do that through audio. Or maybe if I hum something, it creates a melody and that becomes a building block that I can paste somewhere else. I mean, just integration between audio and motion control, we can take music creation and make it even more fun than what we've been able to with a guitar controller. It's really fun to create music if you can remove the tedium," Brian concluded.

Sounds like fun or like work? You decide.

10/24/09 Ernice Gilbert


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