Wednesday, October 7

Jack Tretton: PS3 Sales Skyrocketing thanks to Slim

Sony's Jack Tretton love the media these days, and there's no surprise to his new found fondness, because Sony it seems has regained momentum with the release of the redesigned PS3 Slim and in an interview with forbes, his optimism could not be held under a bushel. He said the company's PS3 Slim gamble has paid off, with the revamped console resulting in "skyrocketing sales ~ we couldn't be happier with the results we're seeing."

Tretton went on touching on different subjects, from having limited finances, to taking more risks than Nintendo.

"We don't have unlimited money, we cater to a more mass market audience, we're willing to take a little bit more risk than a competitor like Nintendo," he said.

So there you have it, move over Nintendo, you don't know how to take risks; let Kaz, Tretton and the Sony Gang teach you. The link has more.

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