Wednesday, October 7

Tretton: PS3 helps sell TVs, Movies, Digital Cameras

When shopping this coming holiday season, the PS3 won't be sequestered to the gaming Isle of your favorite store, according to Tretton, it will be all over the electronics department because it helps sell other entertainment devices and will be a benefit to the retail outlets. Here's Tretton speaking on the PS3's diversity:

"You get into management and you tell them the PS3 can help devices in their stores and when they understand that they're very receptive to it and we're getting a lot of great traction with that ~ You can find the PS3 not only in the gaming Isle this holiday season, you'll see it where home theaters are sold, where blu-ray movies are sold ~ ultimately we'd like to be in the digital photo Isle to help people understand if you want to buy a digital camera you need a PS3, if you have a PS3 you should be interested in digital photos, there's multiple places in the store where we should be and where we will be this holiday season," he said.

Forbes: So you're saying, okay they're down there for cameras and we're indirectly connected, is that okay with your marketing people, don't they always want to be bright and shiny in the center of things? Tretton then replied:

"I think you start with the core and we're the star of the gaming Isle, but clearly I don't know how many people we're going to talk into buying a big screen TV although we've had a lot of impact there, conversely though, if you're interested in high definition television, the PS3 got to be your second purchase ~ if you knew what you could do with digital photography you might buy a better digital camera, if you knew what you could do in terms of home entertainment experience, you might buy a HDTV or you might buy a better HDTV."

Forbes: Oh okay so in that case you can come to the executives and say this is a means to an up sell? Tretton answered:

"Yes there's no question about it and then the other thing we're doing is having an influence on media purchases because if they buy a PS3 that retailer can sell them games, they can sell them movies, they can sell them music, there are multiple forms of media that are being played through there that people are consuming at the retail level, you buy a stand alone blu-ray player it's going to help them sell movies, but it's not going to help them sell games or music or some other devices," Tretton voiced.

Sony is pushing extremely hard to position the PS3 as a total entertainment device, and with the new "It only does everything" add campaign in full throttle, the results should manifest soon, hence informing us on whether their efforts have indeed been successful.

10/07/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. It does everything.

  2. Best quality games, no other offers a unique masterpiece like Uncharted. The sequel next week will be a benchmark for many years. That and the fact it doesn't break as easily & often as the cheap not-Blu ray equiped xBox 360, plus online gaming is absolutely free. It's a PlayStation first and for all, it only does everything else too.

  3. people are finally seeing how great the PS3 is