Thursday, October 15

Kojima Hints at Zone Of Enders in interview, says it's at the top of his list

You never know what a developer will spew when asked questions not from insiders but from regular folks who play their games. Sometimes info is released that should not have, but that's the nature of said interviews, the one being interviewed, many times doesn't have a handle on the questions asked, they are so sporadic.

Yesterday, in an interview with the EU PS Blog, Kojimasan had one of those moments, and had much to share, but when asked about Zone of Enders, he chuckled and then reponded.

"A lot of [people] love Zone of Enders, and we love the title as well, especially at Kojima Productions and we always want to create one for the next gens as well," Kojima said.

"Of course Kojima Productions have a long list of things we want to bring out, and of course Zone Of Enders is on the top of the list."

"However, we have to manage staffing and work around projects so it's not going to be out too soon, but we really are considering it."

Want the full interview? Watch it here.

10/15/09 Ernice Gilbert

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