Wednesday, October 14

Kojima: I'm looking forward to what younger staff creates with MGS: Rising

Are you worried about what the younger Kojima Productions staff will do with Metal Gear Solid: Rising? Are you terrified they might mess up what to this day has been geniusly crafted perfection? Well worry not your heads MGS fans, because the man behind the Franchise is not breaking a sweat.

In an interview with the EU PS Blog, Kojimasan was asked: "when you leave the younger team in control of Metal Gear Solid: Rising, are you afraid they'll spoil it?" To which Kojima responded:

"How I created the Metal Gear Solid series is what I created for the past 20yrs or so. That's the world I created so I want people to expect more of a bigger scope or a bigger world of Metal Gear Solid," he said. "If I pass on to my young staff, I think there will only be a new kind of Metal Gear with their new thinking~new involvement, I kept my world of Metal Gear Solid of the titles that I have presented before, It means I have kind of stepped back as a producer and I'm kind of looking forward actually to what my younger staff will create, a new kind of world or color to the MGS franchise."

See the full thing here.

10/14/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. Since Metal Gear went multiplat, I lost a lot of interest. They better pull this off

  2. you lost all interest why do you care