Tuesday, October 20

Modern Warfare 2 Is Facing Uncharted Territory

Infinity Ward's best selling killer app had everything going for it. The first installment has sold over 14 million copies and counting, this, the second title is expected to be the best entertainment launch ever. The hype has be steadily climbing, and before any other, it was hailed as the one title to beat for Game Of The Year 2009.

See, humans are very predictable aren't we? We claim victory for our favorite runner before the race is over, and suddenly our hopes are dashed by the unexpected. Just like our favorite runner, Modern Warfare 2 has a problem, a problem no one saw coming, because of this problem, many will be disappointed with the game's offerings. So if you've played Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, keep your hopes down, or most likely you'll be disappointed with the next Call of Duty installment.

Yes, Modern Warfare 2 will sell way better that Uncharted 2, after all, it's a multiplatform game. However in every other department, Uncharted 2 has set a new standard that'll force devs to step up their work a few notches. All the cut scenes in Uncharted 2 flow seamlessly in and out of gameplay, the voice acting is nothing short of brilliant, with characters interacting not only at the arrival of a major part in the game, but throughout.

In fact it's so good, most of Hollywood's blockbuster flicks are shameful compared to Uncharted 2's, live action, fast-paced and graphically stunning masterpiece. Speaking of graphics, the visuals in Modern Warfare 2 will don't stand a chance against Naughty Dogs gem. I mean, seriously, does any other game even come close?

It's now too late for Infinity Ward to alter what's already in place, therefore what ever they've created will have to be what's presented to gamers. Will PS3 owners settle for what Infinity has developed and reward them with massive sales? Or Will MDW 2 be inevitably compared to Nathan Drake and his gang?

None has the answer because this November, Modern Warfare 2 is heading into Uncharted territory. Good luck.

10/20/09 Ernice Gilbert

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