Tuesday, October 20

Report: Video Games Will Hurt Your Kids

You grew up playing games nonstop, from NES and up to this day you can't get away from picking up that controller and diving full throttle in your favorite hobby. You enjoy it so much that you've decided to pass on the tradition to your kids, that might not be such a good idea, especially if not regulated, because according to a new study, you are doing them more harm than good.

A survey conducted by a rheumatologist and his fifth grade son finds a lot of kids may be suffering from joint pain.

In the survey, around 170 children ages 7-12 filled out a questionnaires about their video game habits. The report reveals that the younger the player, the more significant the pain. Also, those playing an hour or longer a day were more likely to have achy pains.

The details of the study are being presented at the American College of Rheumatology's annual meeting. It adds a growing number of PDAs, cellphones and videogames lead to repetitive stress and nerve compression injuries.

That's it, enough evidence have be given, regulate your kids, or even your younger brothers video game playing time. Be a good role model.

10/20/09 Ernice Gilbert

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