Saturday, October 17

Naughty Dog, Infinity Ward, Insomiac & Santa Monica Play Ball together

Fan boys may be fighting amongst each other, debating which console is better and who got the best exclusives. Some even insult their fellow gamers just because they have different gaming tastes. It's sad really, and it seems there's no end in sight. But maybe, just maybe, fanboys could learn a thing or two from developers. Yes, the good folks who make the games we play get along pretty well, from Modern Warfare's Infinity Ward to God of War's Santa Monica. In fact, it's so good, they play ball together.

Recently, a question was posed to Three Naughty Dog Devs by eurogamer, and the answers they gave displayed a shared mutual respect.

Eurogamer: Do you still play Dodgeball with Santa Monica?

"Actually they've just started a league this week! What was the name of our team? Naughty balls I think," Naughty Dog dev Justin Richmond said. Agreeing with his answer Naughty Dog's Arne Meyer yelled, "Yeah!"

"It's them and Infinity Ward and Sony Santa Monica and Insomniac and a bunch of other people just from L.A.," Justin added.

Eurogamer: Ah! And you do still have a close relationship with Santa Monica?

"Yeah, I mean, we share tech with all those studios. Guerrilla gave us all this stuff and we gave them some stuff. Media Molecule came over and we did some stuff with them," Justin said. Arne Meyer later pointed out that Insomniac and Santa Monica seem a little closer because, "they're two blocks away. Ha ha."

See what I mean? The Dogs, Infinity, Santa Monica, Insomniac and other devs all get along. Don't you think it's time fanboys lay to rest the fanwars?

10/17/09 Ernice Gilbert

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  1. I REALLY DON"T Get the point of being a fanboy.

    Be a gamer....move on

  2. this article fails. those are mainly 1st and 2nd sony studio and IW 3rd party studio so your statement is kinda moot not that they wouldn't pay ball with other studios. comparsion fails!

  3. Naughty Dog did thank Bungie in their Uncharted 2 credits. I don't see how this GamesThirst article fails.

    Keep it up guys.

  4. they should start a league...

    game developers dodge ball tournaments xD

  5. The people who are saying it fails are most likely fanboys upset that IW has anything to do with Sony other than putting games on their platform.

  6. its agreat example of what really goes on in the other side of the coin, while we gamers tear our selfs apart over fanboyship.

  7. But would the guys at Turn 10 who make Forza get along with the guys at Polyphony Digital? That's a development team that seems like a bunch of fanboys if you ask me. All they do is talk about how great they are and how nobody can touch them.

  8. yeh basically which is strong, controversial, and probably well true, ? is that infinity ward are not actually good developers, there pc devs used to using old tech now, here me out.. to make this game look up-to-date and cutting edge whatever.. they had a lot LOT of help from sonys 1st party studios which everyone knows are the best. and the same on xbox side, there's no way they developed all that game, some microsoft guys came down and helped, same with sonys guys. this game si worth the effort right>? its comparable to the splinter cel conviction xbox exclusive. this is because blatantly a load LOTS and lots infact of microsoft people are currently in France or whereever at ubisoft making that game ..well. there going for blockbuster's here arnt they.

    infinity ward arnt that good, yeh they're not the worst by anymeans, but microsoft boffins and sonys talent whop there asses so hard right into the nex-generation, games that the next modernwarefare, will look bollocks compared to sonys/ms's 1st party FPS's.

    understand i h8 bethseda, i h8 ea games, but idsoftware had good people, so do the latter as theve all benn brought out by bigger people, and the other people shuffled where there most effective within the company. ea with rage... it will run smooth on everything cos' thats what these devs are good for.

    alow the fanboy talk of consoles, start the fan boy talk of games studios.

    my opinion again..oh yeh, these guys at santa monica, insomniac, gureilla, naughty dog, team ico, japan studio, polophony digital, incognito (warhawk/twisted metal series) zipper interactive (SOCOM:NAVY SEALS series) AND in england we have studio liverpool (wipeout series) studio cambridge made ps home, AND studio london made singstar, eyetoy and helped make home./playtv. with the latter.

    i may have not mention'd a few because that list is so long i was tiring writing it, i know theres more. do you realy want them, o myt' as well. big big, evoloution, san-diego tudios sony bend and SOE sony online entertainment, who make pc games also.

    h, is al' i have to say. go play fanboys, if you got to the end of this well, done, my, man. go buy sony first party,

    to compare ninendo have 8 studios, so do microsoft. sonys have 16 , = both combined. this puts a smile on my face. everyday. go play, fanboys. peace. alex c

  9. 3rd paragraph supposed to say ea and bethesda have brought out good people from smaller companies, slight error, im well tired now, lol...

    1st words are missing " i have an opinion"
    also might be small punctuation errors dont slate me for that, when you know the article is so blatantly true.

    peace out alex c

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  11. It will be a great day when devs act more civil. Not that they are bad, but i think the console war story is weighing on them.

    Naughty Dogs are awesome by the way.

  12. if i play dogdeball with a 360 owner does that stop me being a sony fanboy. why take something so irrelevant and use your stupid brain to mould it into a worthless point. devs consist of a tiny number of people who care about theyre public relations, gamers are a huge amount of anonymous people who dont even need to act friendly.

  13. Whoever said Infinity Ward are not good developers is off the mark. Not only did they build the engine that Modern Warfare 1 and 2 run then allow Treyarch to use it for World at War. They have shared technology with other devs such as Naughty dog.For them to supposedly not be good developers is just a dumb statement.Need proof? Why is it that Modern Warfare was one of the first multi platform games that ran flawlessly on both consoles.Rock solid frame rate on both,graphics pretty much identical. Im sure they had support from both Sony and Microsoft when needed but for the most part they re-invented COD. Anyways if they are such bad developers why did Modern Warfare sell over 13 million copies and its still selling well at the original price even though it came out 2 years ago.Those facts speak for themselves. As for Bethesda they are geat devs too who are loyal to their fans. EA has changed big time over the last few years! They are not te same as they used to be.They actually seem to care what their fans think now.

  14. omg. Whoever is still bantering is so bloody ignorant. I love my xbox360 and all its games and yet I don't give a crap about some shameful fanboy war or w/e. If you're not happy, get both systems.. Jeez grow up.

  15. This was a great article lol. So randomly brilliant :D

  16. eugrhh modernwarefare peuk. activision , hurls..^%$%^

  17. this was a good article,

    i also dont like activision. lol. nor teryarch after the sold tony hawk on, and the modernwarefare engine only looks good on a pc, have you seen all those textures and low res- shit-. i don like pc either thinking of it, just play something else, like quake for free, speeeeeed.. erm, or killzone 2 i would have to say is the best thing ive ever seen, the dmo is free also on playstation. ermm, orr tekken 6 which is coming out, has a wiked free shooting model, with fighting mixed in, like tekken 4 had in force mode, much improved this time round, you can even get mech suits, its like 4 games in one. namco i do respect aswel. nd sega, only people i give my money to. they created arcade/-to home gaming and deserve everypenny. support sont and get it on ps3 as well. it WILL run better, wink wink. (this is not usually the case with mulplatform games)

  18. sony* sorry for spelling crp.!

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