Saturday, October 17

Naughty Dog: We Talk To Infinity Ward A Lot

Over and over again, the Naughty Dogs have displayed their humility. In a recent live chat with the US PS Blog, they were open enough to let us know that the critical praise they were getting, was not expected. Some devs rather play the role and be extremely formal. But not the Naughty Dogs, they're a down to earth hierarchy less bunch, who are not afraid to share some personal stories.

"I have lunch with Warren, one of their designers, like every other week," Naughty Dog's Justin Richmond said about one of Insomiac's devs in a recent interview.

"Actually they were working on some stuff and they called Christophe and I to go over there and talk to them," he added.

The other part of the conversation is where things got interesting:

"But again, we would do that with any other studio - actually, even non first party-studios: we talk to Infinity Ward a lot. We'll talk to anybody. If you want to talk to us, we'll talk to you."

"It's really cool that we foster these relationships with these other studios, because actually you'll see in the multiplayer when the game comes out that all these other studios have tags. We have the paw for Naught Dog, but Infinity Ward and Insomniac and Guerrilla all have their own little tags too," Justin concluded.

The two studios are pretty cozy, wouldn't yo say?

10/17/09 Ernice Gilbert

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  1. LOL, that's a funny Pic to match your new piece. LOL

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  3. LOL, nice pic... On another note, yeah you're right.... They're kinda cozy these days...

    Wonder what's up with that? hmm

  4. it's good to see different companies talking to each other and sharing there tech... it can only help the industry

  5. That's really cool, actually. I've only seen one Naughty Dog online (during the beta) but it was thrilling :D Really sweet of them to do the same with their own competitors.