Sunday, October 18

Thirsty Conversations: Sunday Edition

Last week gaming news was momentous. Rumors, denials and confirmations made it a very busy, and in many ways, confusing week.

But's it's Sunday, some go to Church, some have to work. If none of the aforementioned affects you, make it your business to release whatever's on your mind.

Do it here, The Official GamesThirst Talk Lounge.


  1. I'm going to Church

  2. I think what made the biggest this week was EA and BioWare's confirmation/denial of ME2 for the PS3....

    Then there was the story about Resistance 3... Big News!

  3. Gamesthirst has some headlines too....

    Good going guys, and about your new website, how soon will it be up?

  4. We're working on it as we speak. It should not be much longer, but there are a lot of different pieces that must be in place before it goes live.

    But rest assured, it'll be out soon.