Monday, October 19

Ex-US Postal Worker Admits He Stole 2,200 Gamefly Games

In Pennsylvania an ex-US Postal Service worker told the federal court that he's the one who took 2,200 Gamefly rental games that never made it to customers.

34 yr old Reginald Johnson's judgement day will come on January 17th where he faces 12 to 18 months in jail.

See the thing about the Feds is that they'll allow you to indulge for quite some time, while you dig yourself deeper into a hole. Mr. Johnson thought he was Mr. invincible, but obviously that was not the case.

He was being surveillance for some time, the Feds showed up to get him on the job, but Johnson tried to get away in his car. Thankfully, he was later apprehended for reckless driving after trying to escape on for a bit.

This is hilarious, the ex-US Postal Service Worker stole $86,000 worth of games between April and September of 2008. A further search of his vehicle found another bag containing 79 mailers from Gamefly.

While being apprehended, he dropped a duffel bag which was packed with 81 Gamefly titles.

According to the report, Johnson had been trading games to GameSpot and while searching his vehicle, the Feds found receipts from the store along with five Nintendo Wii Sports, three Wii Fits, a Playstation console and game controllers.

Pretty deep hole he dug himself into. Get the full vibe here.

10/19/09 Ernice Gilbert

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