Monday, October 19

Namco Bandai Is Considering A Sequel To Tales Of Vesperia

So you've been itching for Tales of Vesperia 2 eh? Well keep your fingers crossed, because according to Namco Bandai's general Manager Makoto Yoshizumi, the company is "thinking" about making part 2.

"[During meetings, staff would ask] 'will you be making Vesperia 2?" [I'd] respond, 'don't talk like a fan!," he told Famitsu. "It appears that [within the company] there's a desire to make part 2."

"We're talking about it."

Keep talking, just make sure all this talk yield positive results. And by that we mean, Tales of Vesperia 2 will become a realilty. Thank you.

10/19/09 Ernice Gilbert

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