Tuesday, October 6

New Xbox 360 N adapter will cost $100, available November 3rd

Last month Microsoft came clean and confirmed the existence of the 802.11 N adapter for the Xbox 360 and upon confirmation gamers were hopeful, thinking that either the New adapter would be cheaper and if not, the existing wireless device would at least get a price cut. If Gamestop listing is correct, none of the aforementioned will occur.

The listing has both the new 802.11 N adapter and the existing one for the bargain price of, you guessed it, $99.99. No, it's not funny but sometimes you must laugh to keep from cussing, and so we try to crack you up : ). Now keep in mind Microsoft could issue a price cut at any moment, and we're thinking they might do it soon, however as it stands now, if you need one right away you'll have to fork up $100 bucks for either of the devices. It's your choice, new or old?

Thanks Joystiq

10/06/09 Ernice Gilbert

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