Tuesday, October 6

Nintendo Honored As Best Company In The World

In line with our article in which we made a case for Nintendo already having this the seventh generation consoles cycle bagged, Business week comes along and solidify our stance. The publication hailed the Legendary console maker as having a "commitment to innovation, diversified portfolios, aggressive expansion, and clear vision for the future." We would like to add the ability to print billions of dollars at the call of another Wii Sports game.

The company has been extremely successful this cycle when many thought they would fail, and after carefully assessing the available options, they decided to go the way of "motion," and without a shadow of doubt Nintendo did what many thought was unattainable, they beat Sony and Microsoft to become the best selling, most recognize brand this generation.

So we concur with the good folks at Business Week, and although Nintendo has failed the hardcore crowd this time around, we hope they could rectify the situation and cater to all fun loving people next gen. Wii HD anybody?

10/06/09 Ernice Gilbert

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