Monday, October 5

Seventh Generation: The Wii has already won

We're in the seventh generation of videogame consoles, and if there are three more years until the eighth then Nintendo's Wii is the Victor, here's why.

As of June 30th 2009, Nintendo shipped 52.62 million units worldwide, that's 21,622,000 more units than the Xbox 360 and a whopping 28,022,000 more units than the PS3, and with the legendary brand recently cutting the price of the Wii from $249 to $199 there are not many realistic arguments to be made in either Sony nor Microsoft's favor.

When Nintendo launched the Wii in 2006 the company took a big risk, they were essentially experimenting with something new (motion tech) and had no idea if it'd pay off, but that's the beauty of taking risks, you either win big or fall hard; yeah you guessed it, they won BIG.

Although Nintendo left the hardcore crowed out in the cold, the company's new system is managing to rake in profits like they've never seen; the best selling game of all time is a first party title for the Wii dubbed Wii Sports selling over 40.24 million copies, (that's just ridiculous). Other titles such as Wii Fit is also among the best selling games of all time, and with the recent bundling of Wii fit plus all I see are profits for Nintendo. Speaking of Profits, the company has been the only one this Generation to make a profit off of every console sold, when the Wii launched they made $6, so one can only imagine how much more they must be banking now.

Coming into this console cycle everyone thought Sony would continue its market domination while Microsoft scraped for leftovers and Nintendo went out of business. But isn't it ironic how the company deemed as the victor in a console cycle that hadn't even begun because of their strength in the prior generation is now in an all out war with Microsoft as the company damned by the media to fail sail high above the tumultuous winds? Oh how fast situations change.

10/05/09 Ernice Gilbert

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