Thursday, October 29

Nintendo has sold over 56 million Wiis worldwide

In three years, Nintendo has proven that when you decide to take the uncharted route, you stand the chance of scoring big. And big they did with their flagship console.

Wii sold 5.75 million units in six months ending September 30th, according to Nintendo, propelling the console's life-to-date total to 56.14 million.

In that same period, over 76 million software pieces were sold. The console's life-to-date software total is now 429.23 million units.

Nintendo has sustained big drops in sales, mainly because of a slowing in demand for the Wii. Rumors abound that the legendary company will unveil the Wii 2 soon, making it available for purchase approximately one month after the official announcement. The latest numbers Nintendo released adds credence to the rumor, indeed, it would be a good move to help bolster sales of the product.

The Wii 2, if real, is also rumored to have blu-ray functionality and 1080p output, stay tuned for more info as news breaks.

See the full disclosure of six monthly financials here.

10/29/09 Ernice Gilbert

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