Friday, October 23

Pachter: PSPgo is priced too high, might affect sales of PSP-3000

See, you're not the only one who thinks that the PSPgo is too expensive. You might also want to wait a bit if you were planning on getting the digital handheld, because according to Webush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter, if Sony does not cut the price, sales of the PSP 3000 sales are likely to be down year-over-year.

"The Go is just priced to high for the perceived value. It may play movies and music but most think iPod Nano ($149) or Touch ($199) for that," the analyst said speaking to VG247. "I don't see it boosting overall sales and without a price cut, the 3000 sales are likely to be down year-over-year," Pachter continued.

"I think Go will sell 400,000 units in the US, 400,000 in Europe and 200,000 in Japan through March. Most of those units will be incremental 'replacement' as people trade up, and they may dampen PSP-3000 demand by half that much. The 3000 is selling at last year's price in a worst economy with new competition from a sub-$200 Wii. I think overall PSP sales will be pretty similar to last year's maybe down a small amount," he concluded.

The PSPgo was released on October 1st, and according to Sony, is not doing bad, in fact it's doing good. But Pachter calls it as he sees it, and say what you want about the man, he actually knows what he's saying, sometimes.

In a recent poll we held where approximately 552 of you voted, 223 (40%) said no to the Go, 92 (14%) said yes, 49 (8%) said it wasn't their cup of tea, and 22 (3%) of you said you loved your DSi. These numbers are tough to behold Sony; you might need to cut the price of the thing after all.

10/23/09 Ernice Gilbert

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