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Top 10 PS3 exclusives Xbox 360 owners would die for

They may not admit it in public, or tell it to the world, but gamers secretly wished certain titles on other platforms would come to the one they own. Sometimes It happens, most times it don't. Still, hiding in their minds, are thoughts so cynical, and yet laughable, they think things like, 'Men! I'd die to see Metal Gear Soild: Guns of The Patriots on my 360.'

Here are nine more:

Final Fantasy Versus XIII ~ In the mind of many hardcore PS3 owners, this is the true next gen Final Fantasy, why? Because in to them, Final Fantasy XIII was watered down both in length and graphically to be compatible with the Xbox 360. The game was announced at E3 2008 as coming to both systems, and was the biggest bombshell of E3 that year.

Ever since then, PS3 owners, although they're still eagerly awaiting the arrival of FFXIII, their hearts it seems, are more towards Versus XIII. Surely, Xbox 360 owners would love another announcement from Square-Enix that'd upset millions. Won't happen.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII should be out in spring of 2011.

Gran Turismo 5 ~ Yes we know, this will never happen. But we never said it would, just that 360 fans would die to see it on their console of choice. Look out for GT5 in March of Next year.

Agent ~ Rockstar, the boys behind the best entertainment launch of all time, one Grand Theft Auto IV, is at it again. This time exclusively developing a game for the PS3 titled Agent. Details are scant, and for now all we know is that the game takes players across the globe to and your role is to participate in spy related activities. Look for it late 2010, or early 2011.

God of War III ~ Although hell would have to freeze over before this ever comes to the Xbox 360, that's not to say they're not crying to see it on there. Buy it March 2010.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves ~ Before you go off ranting about why this title is so low on the list, we'll remind you that there's no set order to where we place the games. With that out of the way, there's little doubt that all console makers would love to host what is in some minds, the best game ever made on their platform. Thanks to Naughty Dog, it's only on the PS3.

Killzone 2 ~ Some argue Killzone 2 didn't perform too well in the sales department, others counter asking, since when did sales determine the quality of a game. We say, which ever way you twist it, Killzone is a game 360 fans would cough up $60 in an instant, if it was on their console.

LittleBigPlanet ~ It's the most brilliant and fun filled IP to grace this generation thus far, enjoyed by over 2 million strong and growing, Media Molecule's Sackboy is indeed a legend in the making. Another title any platform holder would love to call their own.

MAG ~ Massive Action Game is exactly what it name implies. For the first time on any console, 256 players will join forces online to take down the forces that try and stifle freedom. Surely, half of those men should be Xbox 360 owners? No?

Resistance 3 ~ Be honest, not many games give you the satisfaction of taking down ugly looking aliens who want to destroy our planet. Well maybe there's an overload of such games out there, but the Resistance games are like none other. Resistance: Fall of Man was released at launch alongside the PS3 and up to this day is hailed as one of the titles that displayed what the PS3 could do from the onset, when many a people thought Sony's black behemoth was going under.

Part 3 is rumored to launch late 2010, and once again, you'll take the fight to the Chimera head-to-head.

Spoiler Alert: At the end of Resistance 2, the story got really hazy as the star of the game was shot to death by his colleague. I know some 360 owners who'd love to find out what happens next, only if the Resistance 3 was coming to their system.

And there you have it, the top 10 PS3 exclusives, your Xbox 360 owning friends would love to play, however the only solution is to invite them to your House, because the one platform you'll be seeing said games, is on the PS3.

10/22/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. Nice list, however we don't know how agent will turn out as of yet so.....

  2. Good list. What about Ratchet & Clank? As for Agent not been out yet, why wouldn't it be good? What about Metal Gear 4? This list could be longer!!

  3. You forgot inFAMOUS.

    Xbox 360 owners don't have a game of that caliber. Prototype doesn't even come close to it.

    Demon's Souls is amazing, too. Plus the Ratchet & Clank series is so great...

  4. we have forza 3......

  5. where's The Last Guardian?

  6. To bad xbox can't handle 256 players online

  7. Anon @ 7:22am: you are making a mistake by labeling GamesThirst as a "fanboy" site. I would advice you to go through our content before you judge.

    Look out for the Xbox 360 list soon.

    A new website just for you. Stay tuned.

  8. The only game to make me want a PS3 is Demon's Souls. The titles on your list are all "meh" to me.

  9. You should have put a spoiler alert on the Resistence bit. I haven't reached the end yet and I know what happens...

    Good article though.

  10. Wow, I never realised us PS3 owners felt so inferior to 360 users that we needed to post a list like this. This just reads like a 'look we have some decent games now' list.

  11. "To bad xbox can't handle 256 players online".

    Yeah it can. The Xbox LIVE servers are 10 times faster than the PSN servers. The servers can stream 1080p HD Movies instant and support millions of people at the same time. And MAG doesn't even look good so the Xbox would run it easily. Next Time, STFU

  12. Where did you get info on Agent being a timed exclusive?

  13. Demon Souls is all that matters and its not on your list.

  14. You guys dont even like most of the games on this list:
    You guys didnt buy Ratchet
    Killzone 2
    There isn't 1 game that sold like a 360 game, so if you guys dont buy them, why the hell would 360 owners want them?

  15. @ 8:03

    It's not the speed of the servers, it's the power of the CPU (or SPUs in this case) that allows a platform to handle 256 players. You need to have that power to take care of everything in the background while you play.

    The only game I would like to see come to 360 is God of War. They can keep the rest....I'm just going to save up and by a PS3 'cause I'm a GAMER and I like all kinds of games. Stop being poor and by both.

  16. Look most of us PS3 owners are so happy enjoying our PS3s who gives a rat ass what 360 fanboys do or not. It's their loss at the end of day. Personally I wouldn't swap my PS3 for a 360. We get all the multi-platform consoles like GTA4, COD5, MW2, Bioshock2, Assassins Creed 2, Guitar Heroes, Rock band and then pile on the PS3 exclusives. Oh and why spend money on network gaming charges like on 360 when you can pick up an extra at least triple A 2nd-hand games instead. 360 fanboys are just dumb.

  17. yeah, pile of dead bodies are everywhere.

  18. 10 xbox 360 exclusivs you want on ps3... ohh they dont have that many, only old as hell games from 2008

  19. Last Guardian should be there.

    You should make the list a top 50 to fit more of the great PS3 exclusives the 360 can't touch and in most cases, can't run.

  20. Yeah it can. The Xbox LIVE servers are 10 times faster than the PSN servers. The servers can stream 1080p HD Movies instant and support millions of people at the same time. And MAG doesn't even look good so the Xbox would run it easily. Next Time, STFU

    XBL uses p2p servers. PSN servers can stream 1080p. It cant run MAG because microdork wont ever use dedicated servers which is why halo still has lag. I am in the MAG beta and MAG has no LAG. Just because the graphics aren't gears quality doesnt mean everything about if a console can handle it. For one thing zipper made a new type of server to support 256 players. Since right now no game can becasue the servers are not able to do that. So since Microdork does not have anyone who can make zippers tec right now. The 360 cant handle it. I ahve played a 256 player map and no way will the 360 be able to do it. I am nto saying the 360 is bad since I love the 360 jsut you my friend know nothing.

  21. Or you can be a real gamer, stop being a fan boy and own both consoles...that way you can play any game you want to without having to worry about exclusives. Thats the way it should want great games no matter what platform they are on.

    I'm playing Uncharted 2 AND Halo 3:ODST right now.

  22. @ Hanover

    "I'm playing Uncharted 2 AND Halo 3:ODST right now."

    Damn that's impressive. you got four arms to use both controllers and two heads; one for each tv? LMAO.

    Seriously; great list, could be longer - but it is titled top ten after all. I'll never buy a 360; not coz I'm a Sony fanboy; but because I simply don't like the controller (I hate it with a passion).

    @ Anon at 7:27; forza is nowhere near as good as GT5 imo; so meh - you can keep it.

  23. This article is comedy. Each and every one of these games would not be possible on the Xbox. The sheer size of each of these games(minus agent, don't know enough about it) would stop any one of these games from going to Xbox. Even GTA IV was downsized because of the Xbox. When it comes to next gen gaming, Blue Ray is a necessity.

    Not every PS3 exclusive is possible on Xbox but virtually all Xbox exclusives are possible on PS3.

  24. who care about 256 player is there going to be a story mode if not it going be a anther war hawk...

  25. OMG! Agent is gunna merk EVERY SINGLE GAME!! It should be No. 1!!!
    Here's my list!! (Not in order of best to worst except for the 1st two = P)
    1. Agent!
    2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    3. Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time
    4. Heavy Rain
    5. EyePet
    6. Gran Turismo 5!
    7. MAG
    8. KillZone 2
    9. LittleBigPlanet
    10. Resistance 3
    11. God of War 3!
    12. Final Fantasy XIII!

  26. @Anonymous 12:10 Warhawk was fun and enjoyable, MAG is gonna be epic, who cares about a story for an online only game anyway?

  27. All you Xbots fans can go buy a blue ray player and spend more money than us PS3 owners who already have it. I am sick of these bots saying that their system rules, how about you shut up and pay for you internet every year when I can just play for free. PS3 is better but Xbots fanboys will not admit it, tough. PS3 exclusives are comming out, so what "microdork" freaken hilarious!!!! LMFAO

  28. "microdork" + xbot fanboys = a horrible mix and hence, the xbot free fixty. Xbot games cannot compare to Sony's blu ray disc quality and capacity. With these new PS3 exclusives comming and new ones comming shortly, what out "microdork" and xbot fanboys. We PS3 fanboys know you secretly want PS3 games on your system but we ALL know that is not possible LOL

  29. the thing abotu xbox liev servers beign 10 tiems as fast is complete crap they maby faster btu what the hell kinda processors do you think microsoft have they didnt steal servers from the futures for a 2gig download xbox live servers are 4 mins faster and psn can stream 1080p movies as well look at the movie store

  30. Awesone list but it should have been top 100 games instead.

  31. I like how the 360 fanboys come here trying to complain that they don't want any PS3 exclusives. At least the PS3 HAS exclusives. This website can't make a top 10 list of 360 games because there aren't that many available for the console - LMAO!

    Also, who is the idiot that said Xbox LIVE is faster than the PSN??? Yeah - it's so fast that the servers break for 2/3 weeks EVERY Christmas, without fail!

    Also, for the idiot wanting to bring up sales figures. Gran Turismo has sold more than Halo and Gears Of War put TOGETHER - you 360 morons should buy more games if you don't want your top (Only) 2 exclusives embarassed by a single Sony franchise.

    I'll be frank, anyone who doesn't like the games listed in this post obviously isn't a gamer.

    Also, there are a number of games missing from this list including White Knight Chronicles and Ratchet & Clank.

  32. LMAO!!! Xbox live servers..10x's faster???...keep dreaming sell your FAIL Machine and buy a ps3 slim

  33. Funny... why not just admit that some of u whant 360 games... even though i dont really like the halo franchaise.. u know u whant to play it, after all its the god of FPS... And we all know its true.... But it'll become ur next FF. too many games of the sames gets old, fast..

    U know u whant to play games like GoW... admit it... I might be a fanboy, but I at least know my limits.. just like u guys should know urs... The only game i actually whant to see in the 360 would be Uncharted 2, thats it... i dont really like multiplayer so i dont give a rats azz about the XBL or PSN... to me they both suck.. just play on PC instead...

    But the xbox is one awesome machine in its own way as the PS3 is on its the same....

    But the console wars is far from over.....

  34. man ur crazy!!! u forgot Metal Gear Solid 4!!!

  35. Kratos will kick master chiefs ass anyday oh ya and hes a real spartan. LOL. PS3 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Whoooaa.... All these fanboy comments are hilarious. People getting so goddamn up tight because they want their console to be superior... Well, Heres my list, in no particular order ^_^
    -Quantum Theory
    -Uncharted 2
    -God Of War 3
    -Little Big Planet
    -Killzone 2
    -FF Vs XIII
    -Resistance 3
    -Heavy Rain
    -ModNation Racers

  37. why isnt anyone mentioning MGS4? 360 fanboys would kill for that game!

  38. PS3 and XBOX360 are both great systems. I have them both so cant be a fanboy. Would all the fanboys get over it and stop going back and forth. It only clarifies that you want the other system when you bitch.

  39. Those of you asking if Metal Gear is on the list should read the first paragraph of the article.

    It's the first game we listed. Also, the guys at gamingbolt responded to our piece with a top 8 list of there own. So instead of using the same title we used for PS3 exclusives ( Top 10 PS3 exclusives Xbox 360 owners would die for), we will choose a different headline when listing the Xbox 360 top 10, since GB used the same one.

  40. U know, I beginning to love this site. And no, it's not because I like this article, I just like their writing style.

    Great list! But no Last Guardian?

  41. Gamingbolt's reply is lame. Seriously, Alan who? And I think left 4 dead is wack.

  42. Pretty sure metal gear 4 is going on the 360. As for the other games theres a few I wouldnt die for but Resistance 3, Uncharted 2, God of War 3, and Finall Fantasy I would kill for those to be on the 360 but this is why Im getting a ps3

  43. i hate people just fighting over wich console is better ps3 is better oviously wifi and bluetooth is great also blu ray but i dont have it im not gonna even buy it why? cuz i like the 360 and all my friends have 360s and i really dont care wich has greater games its ok you have uncharted 2 and all of this i just want to play with my friends none of them like the ps3 and me neither i just know is better but i dont want it anyway the agent game looks interesting traveling around the world? like a gta around the world? that would be awesome ahahaha

  44. Let me start by saying that I love the PS3 and the 360, but to those who are saying the 360 doesnt have exclusives, lets look at a few.

    The Halo Franchise
    The Gears of War franchise
    Forza 3
    Alan Wake
    Crackdown 2
    Fable 2,3
    Far Cry 3

    Thats to name a few.

    The xbox 360 may break down alot but sales have shown it sells alot more. Why? The online is set up better, it may not be faster but it's more organized and user friendly.

    Why cant we get along and all hate the WII. The wii is getting sequels to games that were never on it to begin with and we are all left to wait.

  45. I own ps3 and Xbox 360 I gotta say the ATI graphics card in xbox really makes games shine. It has been this way since pc Nvidia does pump out more fps but at a price of graphics and polishing. Killzone 2 is ok but the weighty feel is a killer. Little big planet cmon be real unless u are a 9 year old who wants to play this ? Games I would like to see on ps3 HALO 3 thats it. MAG though is a GREAT GREAT title and that should be #1. Beta testing it and My god it is AMAZING!

  46. Fool, you must be crazy, LBP is the SHIT!!

  47. Also, ever think the reason 360s sold more was BECAUSE they break more often? I know a few who bought multiple consoles because they had too many games to switch platforms!

  48. You guys are the biggest bitches I've ever seen. I'm not remarking on the list posted but the comments to the posting. You guys are whiny little assholes, stop pretending like you own the world just because you have a ps3. It's time to man up and actually support gaming than just being a prick and bitching about other consoles. I have both a 360 and a ps3 and while my ps3 doesn't get nearly as much play time I'm really glad I own both. Even the Wii which I know isn't right for me I can show a little respect towards, there are games I wouldn't mind playing but not enough for the system, that doesn't mean I go out and call all wii owners retards. Anyone can admit each system has games they want to play.

    Plain and simple, fanboys are fucking assholes and thats what most of you are.

  49. FAT PRINCESS! anybody from the xbots know the game? heheheh

  50. I"m a ps3 fanboy and all and I would admit that I would love to see games like Gears of War, Mass Efect 1-2, and others but their are admiditly some games I would love to play on the wii as well like new super mario bro. wii and almost any zelda game. I call my self a fan boy cus I just happen to like more of the games on the ps3. I would never talk shit about another system cus I perfer the ps3 over the 360 and the wii, I just happen not to have enough money to buy the other systems. Needless to say those who talk shit about another system cus they own one over the other is plain stupid. Do as I do, get friends who own the other systems and play the other games that we all know you have been drooling over

  51. @ Nick: Nice passion, however indecent language won't be tolerated here.

    Thanks for respecting the rules. --> A brand new website comming soon. Stay tuned.

  52. Nice list, but seriously, there are a lot of fanboys in here. Nick is right, they think they rule the world. lol.

    Be a gamer, not a hater....

  53. Nick is a Xbox 360 fanboy disguised as a true gamer....


  54. you spelled Resistance wrong but good list

  55. I have had a xbox 360 for a few years now and i love it. i just bought a PS3 last sunday and currently i am playing Metal Gear 4. The only other Metal Gear i have played was part 2 because it was on the original xbox. it was kick a55 too. I have played demos for all these exclusives yall are talking bout. little big planet looks like a kids game but my wife loved the demo so i will buy it. Resistance looks like a gears of war knock off but it still looks good. I really hate the fact that i have to install so much CRAP on the ps3 why can't i download a demo and play it like on 360. Why can't i put a game in and not have to install the darn thing. That is so freaking stupid. Lets not even get started on the FREE sims knockoff they call "HOME" thats the dumbest thing i ever saw. i guess for multiplayer I'll stick to 360. Xbox live is way better than PS HOME. But thats just my opinion and I just got my PS3 so im still learning what all it does. There isn't many games that are worth me buying for it cuz if its on the 360 I'll buy it for it. The games look way better on xbox. Im a gamer always have been always will be. i had a ps2 just for final fantasy and kingdon hearts. Thats it. i like Forza better than Gran Turismo but thats just me. Crackdown was very good. nothing will Ever touch the gears or Halo franchise though. Just my honest opinion

  56. I own both and the 360 has servers that make every playstation owner grovle. Not to put the ps3 down but xbox exclusives made you all jealous enough to write this. Anyways now that the ps3 has games to play everyone one can get along LMFAO =P

  57. GamesThirst, I do apologize for getting out of hand with the language. I actually stumbled across your blog from a link someone sent and got a little heated once I started reading the comments. I realize that the language was pushing it and I'll keep myself in check now.

    As to the person that said I'm a a 360 fanboy disguised as a real gamer you are more than welcome to look at my collection. As you can see I have a heap of 360 games and only 4 ps3 games. Like I said I do favor my 360 but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy my ps3 as well.

  58. And just to clarify I know it comes off as me speaking out against sony fanboys in particular but there are a fair share of 360 fanboys in here also that I can't stand. My point is any fanboy = pathetic.

  59. Thanks for respecting the rules Nick.

    By the way, Nice set up and collection : )

  60. I think the list is solid, and to that guy that posted the really rude comment a while ago, or wait, it got deleted. Great.

    People get worked up over a list? My goodness!

  61. what ever happen to being a gamer and not some crazy ass troll going into a mad rage over dam games and game platforms just quit acting like fools play what you want on what you want.

  62. Wow, the kid's really nuts....

    Excellent list by the way. Great site.

    lol at the troll posting as staff of

  63. Great list! Now bring on the Xbox 360's Lineup.

  64. Wow 10 games and only ONE worth envying...

    Uncharted 2 is the only game I'd like on the 360... the rest are all very so so... but seriously... 'to die for... ' get a grip mate, these are NOT games to die for.

    Even with Uncharted, I'd never buy a ps3... it's an inferior gaming machine to the Xbox360... if you want the best and most consistently fun experience buy a 360. Online gaming is by far superior on the 360. If I want the best multiplatform games... just about EVERYTIME it's the 360 that's going to produce the best gaming experience.

    Break down of the 12 list...

    1. Agent! - (whatever, until reviews come out)
    2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (best game on ps3... actually worth envying... but not worth buying a ps3 for)
    3. Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time (meh... yawn)
    4. Heavy Rain (meh... graphics demo)
    5. EyePet (whatever)
    6. Gran Turismo 5 (Beaten by Forza3 by gameplay, physics, graphical detail and community... so why bother with a series that hasn't evolved over ten years... gt5 is so old hat)
    7. MAG (crap gameplay... gimmick)
    8. KillZone 2 (now this game is seriously overrated)
    9. LittleBigPlanet (interesting game gotta admit... but not to die for)
    10. Resistance 3 (YAWN!)
    11. God of War 3 (Seriously dated gameplay... buy Bayonetta instead)
    12. Final Fantasy XIII (Jap RPG... ah man, please let this shitty series die a quick death. Just end it please)

  65. wow, nice spoiler warning >.> R2.

  66. Yup, Fat Princess...thats the game that had multi-player server problems the day it was released...It has a lot in common with Borderlands for the PS3...I'm sure Agent will be next.

    The only games I pick for the PS3 over the XBOX when I can choose, are the ones that I'm not hoping to play online.

    The last game prior to Uncharted 2 that I bought was Mirror's Edge and thats only because I wanted to give my PS3 something to do.

    About the games coming out on the PS3 now, I say, FINALLY!!! I actually just bought a charger stand for my PS3 controllers because I will finally be using more than the PS3 remote that I use to watch Blu-Ray movies and streaming videos off my computer.

  67. Yeah, great job jerkweed. Ruin the ending of Resistance 2 without a semblance of a spoiler warning. I mean, it was so abrupt and unexpected that I couldn't even turn my brain on to the situation in time to avoid the crash. I mean, granted, it's not the end of the world, I can live on, but you are still a major jerkface. I hope a bird poops on you as you walk down the street or something.

  68. We are laughing our hearts out loud at this one. LOLz...

    "Yeah, great job jerkweed. Ruin the ending of Resistance 2 without a semblance of a spoiler warning. I mean, it was so abrupt and unexpected that I couldn't even turn my brain on to the situation in time to avoid the crash. I mean, granted, it's not the end of the world, I can live on, but you are still a major jerkface. I hope a bird poops on you as you walk down the street or something."

    Sorry bro, we did fix it, although it's no help to you now but maybe someone else?

    We're really cracking up on your post. Funny. (Sigh)

  69. We PC gamers, however, couldn't care less about your shitty consoles. 720p? Upscaled to 1080p? Please. My Radeon HD 5850 can play games at 7680x3200 and it absolutely rapes any game at 1920x1200 (my current monitor res).

    I'm blaming BOTH you consoles for making the new games look like shit because your cheap-ass hardware can't handle it!!! If you're whining about graphics, BLAME YOURSELVES BECAUSE YOU ARE THE DETERRENT WITH YOUR WEAK HARDWARE. Only reason they're developing for console is cause the software attachment rate is high (especially with the Xbox 360... oddly enough, they buy way more games than Wii and PS3 owners). If it weren't for that, we would have surpassed Crysis now in the technical department. And no, Uncharted is absolutely no match for Crysis even at gamer settings. As hypocritical as it sounds, I do own a PS3 and 360, only cause it's dirt cheap (not so the PS3... I got it for $499). Haven't bought Uncharted 2 yet, but I do have Uncharted 1 and the sheer scale and underlying technology used in Crysis dwarfs whatever consoles have.

    Anyway, you fags still want to bicker about graphics or do you want to talk about gameplay, which actually makes the fucking games fun. Games, are after all, what makes games fun, right? Unless you're the same as us PC gamers, pathetically trying to justify our spent $$$ in a pissing contest of which hardware can churn out better numbers and graphics. Face it, people. You ARE NOT gamers. You're all just losers attempting to make yourselves feel good by trying to flaunt your wealth (especially the PS3-only owners) and trying to make your fellow man feel bad. Bettering yourselves in life isn't a bad thing obviously, but doing so to make other people bad? Wow. Ever been humble, ever? You people disgust me. Especially the PS3-crazy owners bashing their fellow console users who own an Xbox 360. I still wonder why PS3-crazed people are always insecure and on the offensive. The Xbox 360 guys, as per observation, only retaliate when provoked.

  70. you sound pretty pompous dude, and by the way, your comment might be deleted, I don't think they allow all that language on here.

    Great List!

  71. judging by alot of these ridiculous comments posted on here only proves their not acting like genuine gamers because it's about the gaming experience not the platform it's on and the sooner those individuals learn to come to terms with that is when they prove their genuine gamers.

  72. Yes, at least the future readers will be saved due to the spoiler warning. I was a bit harsh. Sorry about the bird poop thing. I'm still miffed at you. But you're no longer jerkfaces.

  73. I just feel I have to elaborate. I have this friend right? You can tell him a thousand times to shut up about a movie or book or w/e, but it will never work. I'll say "Russell, shut up, don't spoil it. I'll watch it for myself man..." So then he'll proceed to say "Oh yeah you should, Movie X was so awesome, especially at the end when everyone dies."

    So needless to say, in your case it was accidental, so I got carried away...

  74. All i have to say is Wow.

  75. Just wait till Sony's in-house developed The The Last Guardian gets released exclusively on PS3....they'll know the *true* meaning of jealousy.

  76. MASS Freakin EFFECT 2.... nuff said