Tuesday, October 6

Patcher: Uncharted 2 is the game Sony always wanted

The most anticipated PS3 exclusive this holiday season is without a doubt Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and according to the man who sees all things happen before it actually does in the gaming industry, it's what Sony always wanted. And we agree, everyone expected a great sequel to the first Uncharted game, but what Naughty Dog has done is gone far beyond the gaming community's expectations. In fact we agree with him about Uncharted 2 being a "game changer" but not only for Sony, it's also for the industry on a whole, (that's our opinion) here's Patcher:

"I think it's the game Sony always wanted and I think it's been a long time since we've seen a 'Game Of The Year' kind of game come out of Sony. So I think it matters and its got hardcore appeal." He then added, "It's a game changer for them, it's coming out in a nice little window in October and it's coming out right on the heels of the price cut. I think it keeps them ahead of Microsoft for a bit."

Patcher was then asked whether Uncharted 2: Among Thieves would be a system seller, he replied the following:

"I think that certainly Uncharted 2 will push a couple of hundred thousand incremental boxes. Not five million boxes but two or three hundred thousand incremental boxes absolutely."

The highly anticipated game will be out October 13th and 16th in North America and Europe respectively.

10/06/09 Ernice Gilbert

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