Monday, October 5

Rumor Thirst: Playstation Motion Controller Dubbed "Sphere"

We have the Nintendo Wiimote and Microsoft's Project Natal, but there's one more motion controller missing, and the reason is it lacks a name. Truth be told neither Microsoft nor Sony has officially named their motion devices but it's Sony toy that's suffering from no name status since everyone have come to accept Microsoft's as Project Natal. So what's a hardware giant to do? Well, test the waters, see what works, leak names around and wait for a hit, the first leak being "Sphere," a word that highlights the glowing colored orb, which is central to the controller's technology.

According to joystiq, Sega Producer Yasuhito Baba and his translator both referred to the controller as "Sphere" in an interview at the Tokyo Game Show last month. The website reports that Kazunori Yamauchi also talked about the Playstation controller when they asked him if Gran Turismo would support the Sphere.

Sony reps said they were unfamiliar with the name, but then again that's what they always say; Let's hope something is released soon enough to make it ubiquitous with potential customers, and as for the "Sphere," I don't like, how about you? I've already pitched my idea but doubt Sony's taking it into consideration nonetheless I'll pitch again: How about PSMii?

10/05/09 Ernice Gilbert

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