Monday, October 12

Rumor Thirst: Resistance 3 Billboard Spotted

A keen NeoGAF forum user has spotted a billboard ad for Resistance 3. The picture was taken in Shreveport Louisiana which is a location many motion picture studios choose to film their movies. The billboard was made specifically for Battle: Los Angeles, a movie from Sony's Columbia Pictures. The movie won't be released until fall 2011 at the earliest so don't get too excited about seeing it anytime soon.

The game however is another story. If you look at the R3 logo, you will see two features: The Empire State building and a silhouette of the Statue of Liberty. You know what this means? Resistance 3 will land you smack-dab in New York City, which got me thinking whether this was a good idea at all; there's even the pending ESRB stamp, which gives more credence to the billboard not being fake.

Another major title for the PS3 that'll most likely release fall 2010 if we're to go by Insomiac's release cycle. When released, R3 will be the fourth game in the series, with Resistance 1 & 2 available for the PS3 and Resistance: Retribution on the PSP.

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