Monday, October 12

Turn 10: It will be difficult for Polyphony Digital to replicate what we've done with FM3 physics

The boys at Turn 10 just won't quit. Recently, it was Forza 3 project manager Amritz Lay saying, "we beat GT5 on a lot of features," causing a stir in the gaming community. Apparently that was not enough, this time it's Turn 10 game director Dan Greenawalt who voiced his belief that although GT5 is a great game and he will play Yamauchi's racing sim when it comes out, he believes it will be a very difficult job for GT5 to match Forza 3 physics.

"I've got huge respect for Yamauchi and what the Polyphony Digital team does, they're a great developer. But I do personally feel confident that it would be difficult for any other racing game to do this," he said.

"We run physics at 360Hz, I don't know any other game that does that. That takes a commitment to physics, not just about making sure you have beautiful graphics," Dan added.

"Gran Tursimo is a great game and when it comes out I will play it. But I think that without the partnerships and without the commitment, it will be very difficult for another team to replicate what we've done," he concluded.

I'm not sure the Polyphony Digital team is looking at Turn 10's every move trying to replicate what they're doing; it might well be the opposite. In my opinion, Turn 10 should stop all this FM3 GT5 comparisons, it makes them look childish, especially when Yamauchi is not responding.

10/12/09 Ernice Gilbert

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