Wednesday, October 21

Video Thirst: Gran Turismo 5 Yamauchi test drives the SLS-AMG, plus box art

The venerable series was made venerable by this man: Kazunori Yamauchi, and in the video below, his passion for perfection is detailed.

According to gtplanet, you could also see the box art of the highly anticipated game if you look closely. One of their sharp-eyed reader, GON, was first to see the thing, and immediately informed them. Look carefully around 0:42, can you see it? I can't see a thing.

Polyphony Digital's boss, Kazunori Yamauchi was in a meeting inspecting a rather heavy looking blu-ray box, complete with the text that says Sony Computer Entertainment, and even the new PS3 logo.

Listen to him talk about the specifics that goes into all, and I mean all the cars that'll be available in GT5. Stop reading! Quench your thirst, go!

10/21/09 Ernice Gilbert

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