Tuesday, November 3

2009: Best PS3 exclusive lineup ever, 2010 looks even greater

The seventh generation of consoles is in full swing now. Nintendo ran away with the casual market, Microsoft is doing well, and Sony finally got its groove back. But for the latter, it wasn't always rosy, in fact, if you listened to the media in 2006, 2007, and even 2008 when the PS3 was already doing great, you would have thought Sony's Playstation brand would die. But the so called journalists baseless predictions were wrong; they were dead wrong.

It's believed that you make or break a console depending on the amount of first party "exclusive" titles available for said system. Well if that saying rings true, Sony is here to stay.

When the PS3 was released in November 2006, there were many issues plaguing the console. First, the price was much higher than any other next gen system on the market, supply and demand was a constant hassle, since Sony's PS3 carried a Blu-ray drive and components for the technology were always in short supply. This would in turn cause the hardware giant to lose sales because of not being able to instantly make available units to consumers. On top of that, there were few games released for the system at launch. Resistance: Fall of Man was one of the titles that displayed the PS3's potential, but multiplatform games almost constantly looked better, (way better) on the Xbox 360.

But that was then, and this is now. Although 2008 was a mighty good year for PS3, to date, 2009 is the best the console has seen on many fronts:

The redesigned PS3 ~ It's arguably the single biggest move Sony has made this generation in terms of strategy for the PS3. On August 18th, 2009, at GamesCom in Cologne, Kaz Hirai announced the slimmer, slicker version of the company's flagship console that would be made available globally on September 1st, 2009. Ever since then, the PS3 has been the top selling console globally, outselling even the Nintendo Wii.

Advertising ~ It's hailed as the best ad campaign seen in the industry for a very long time, but ironically, the company behind the ads is the same company that has gotten flak in the past. Many people once labeled the Playstation advertising department as the worst ever. Now everyone's singing a different song.

Console exclusive games ~ In this department, not even the most loyal Xbox 360 fanboy would argue the fact that the PS3 hands down outdid the Xbox 360 in terms of exclusive games this year.

~ Killzone 2

~ inFamous

~ Demon's Soul

~ Ratchet & Clank: ACIT

~ Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

All the games listed above are available now for your playing pleasure on the PS3, but if you think that's huge, wait till 2010:

~ God of War III


~ Gran Turismo 5

~ Heavy Rain

~ Agent

~ Resistance 3

~ Quantum Theory

~ The Last Guardian

~ White Knight Chronicles

~ Killzone 3

~ ModNation Racers

~ Final Fantasy Versus XIII

According to this list, clearly Sony has positioned itself to be the leader when it comes to exclusive titles. And although Microsoft's lineup is nothing to scoff at either, nothing can come close to Sony's offerings for 2010.

So if you own a PS3 be a proud owner, find yourself a second Job, because by the look of things, you'll be out of cash buying exclusive games for your system, let alone the awesome multiplats.

11/03/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. good read. These games make me want to cry, not enough money lol

  2. You forgot
    Resistance 3 and Twisted metal

  3. Why does everyone forget MLB09:The Show when talking about PS3's 2009 lineup?!

  4. Because Baseball sucks, and although the MLB09 devs are incredible. You just can't polish a turd.

    Find a better sport, you seriously can't go wrong with any other sport. Anything else!

  5. no way in hell Agent will come out next year, and I doubt killzone 3 either

  6. I wouldn't hold my breath for FFVSXIII, or Killzone 3 in 2010. The Agent is also a bit ambiguous.

  7. Good list, Give me God of War III, Resistance 3, Final Fantasy Versus XII, and I'm good.

    I've got a family you know.

    PS3 FTW!

  8. You PS3 fanboys, the Xbox 360's lineup just as good. Like the author said.

  9. My wife gets angry when I game too much, says she is playing second fiddle to a Playstation. But I still love her...

  10. @ The Baseball Sucks comment @ 1:07am.

    Baseball Does not suck, its just that sports games are more of the same every year, they dont change much. Its usually the ones who dont understand baseball that criticize it. Grow up.

  11. Resistance 3 will hopefully get more development time than the previous game and get a 2011 release. It's too large of a project to finish in one year. Resistance 2 had great co-op,but the rest felt rushed and incomplete. Quantum Theory hasn't looked so great, but Tecmo usually knows what they are doing. I'm not sure it deserves to be on a list of elite exclusives, though. I'd be VERY surprised if The Agent hits retail any time in 2010. We haven't seen anything about it yet.

  12. @1:45 AM: Eh, not really. Not to say the Xbox 360's lineup is bad, but in no way does it compare to PlayStation 3's.

  13. i'm only gonna get GOD of WAR 3 and MAG..

  14. GT5 alone is bigger than all x360 games combined next year . the only game on x360 next year is RROD

    GT5 and GOW3 will rip the flop box 360 RROD please fixme to threads

  15. hey 360 & wii had their shine time & now ps3 is getting their shine on now so deal with it!

  16. Wow some nice games coming next year.

  17. I just had a massive plop and then pulled my plonker afterwards. Was the best 5 mins of my life.

  18. LMAO - who's the retard who said the 360's exclusive lineup is just as good?

    The 360 barely has ANY exclusive games for next year - a third Halo game in 12 months and a bunch of timed - exclusives. LOL......pathetic.

    It's no wonder you 360 fanboys come onto PS3 articles to get a look at some decent games.......since it's only the PS3 that has any.

  19. @David, so what do you say about:

    Mass Effect 2 that u PS3 droids are begging for?
    Halo Reach
    Left 4 Dead2
    Splinter Cell: Conviction
    Alan Wake
    Crackdown 2
    Metal Gear Solid: Rising
    Forza 3

    Do really want more guidance? You guys need to shut the hec up!

    It's a good article, but don't act like there are no games for the 360. Get a grip. Get a hold of yourselves. Microsoft rules.

  20. Dude

    Left 4 Dead 2 and Forza 3 are 2009 titles.

    Metal Gear Solid Rising is multi plat.

    Splinter Cell Conviction and Mass Effect 2 are timed exclusives and will end up on the PS3.

    Alan Wake will be on PC.

    Halo Reach and Crackdown 2 are the only Xbox exclusives in 2010.

  21. mgs rising is not a 360 exclusive and microsoft does not rule. uncharted 2 alone CRUSHES anything on 360. ya 360 has good games, but they look like poop in comparison to the PS3's

  22. its been proven that xbox's graphics are just as or even better then ps3(example: fallout 3) But you know what i have both so both sides of you fanboys can suck a nut

  23. Fanboys suk ass, just go get some money & buy both u moaning pixies then u can have all the greatest games...

  24. sony need to fucking die they always kill everything ......

  25. I'm one extremely happy and excited PS3 owner :))))))

    Now back to my R&C ^^

  26. Erm...as a multi-console owner i find it extremely difficult to deny the fact that Sony friggin whooped MS's ass this year. Maybe i'm not so much into sims like forza eh? (Then again most 360 owners don't buy forza too so i'm not the minority)

    To all my fellow 360 owners, have you guys played the PS3 exclusives? Man you guys really need to try out UC2(my fav,its like a friggin movie!),Demon's Souls(this is a man's game) and inFamous. Those are the real sh$% man, one of the best games i've played.

  27. Respectably, I don't think Agent, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Killzone 3 will come out in 2010. And I prefer that it stays that way so that these great games have enough time to get the coat of polish and shine they truly deserve.

    Resistance III on the other hand may very well drop in next year just based on INSOMNIAC'S development cycle. But if possible, then I'd prefer that it be delayed to 2011 as well. Because, Resistance II -as good as it was- really wasn't the game we expected and wanted it to be. So giving it a bit of extra development time will only make it that much more better. Besides, no one will really complain either because of the avalanche of other AAA exclusives scheduled for 2010 release already.

    And if Kilzone franchise IS INDEED suppose to make an appearance in 2010 then it won't be in form of Kilzone 3. But the only thing that makes sense is that SONY may re-release Killzone 2 in form of GAME OF THE YEAR edition along with all the map packs for $59.99 or $49.99, just as they did with LITTLE BIG PLANET. And if thats not true, then who knows? May be its an expansion pack or something like Quest For Booty or FINALLY a patch for co-op :). But I bait its not KILLZONE 3. I hope its not. I wish that Guerrilla take their time and gives us an experience that drops our jaw all over again. Just like Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2.

    Instead of these 4 games, I wish author would have included highly anticipated exclusive MMOs like Final Fantasy IV Online (I know its timed but exclusive nonetheless), DC Universe Online and The Agency to the list of games coming in 2010. And may be RPGs like Ar Tonelico III, Trinity: Souls Of Zill O'll, White Knight Chronicles 2 and -not an RPG though- may be Eye Pet for NA :)? LOL...

    And though, we can always list a handful of other unannounced projects, e.g., David Jaffe's Eat Sleep & Play's, Cambridge, London (SCEE) and Japan studio's (SCEJ) unannounced projects. But its really not necessary as Sony hasn't confirmed anything yet. But we can expect to hear about them come E3 2010, right:)?

    Finally, I'd be the 1st to admit that as a PS3 owner I am hoping that Mass Effect makes its way to PS3 sooner rather then later, which respectably is all but confirmed. And same can be said about Splinter Cell: Conviction and Left For Dead 2. Don't mean to throw any punches or upset 360 owners with this but, its no harm in wishing that 27 million more people could experience the extraordinary experience that these games offer. Specially since all these games are third party titles and Devs & Publishers WANT TO bring their master pieces to other legitimately strong and established platform, i.e., PS3 not only to widen their revenues -lets be honest, 27 million owners is easy money- but also to increase their brand awareness. And looking at how stars have aligned in Sony's favor now, its no wonder and a simple matter of common sense. Just as it was when FF XIII and Taken VI jumped ships last year when Microsoft came out of IMMENSELY successful 2007 holidays. I am sorry to say this but if anyone is to blame the loss of exclusivity of these titles then its Microsoft themselves for they didn't have the foresight and went balls-out-guns-blazing after Nintendo's casual audience and abandoning the core gamers that make it what they are today.

    Anyway, thanks for reading my never ending comment, LOL. Looking forward to healthy debate and discussion with you guys.


  28. Hahaha
    just a bunch of
    PS 3 fanboys and xbots fighting over a candy
    that Sony allready ate.

    oh.....by the way PS 3 wins :)))))

  29. I've had 3 RRoD's since launch, 2 within warranty. MS customerservie adviced me to buy a new 360, which I will not do. Right now my games are doing +500 on eBay and with the cash I'm going to upgrade my PC. For most of my games I already have the torrents, my advice to MS is when you decide to release a faulty console is not to make it so easy for us customers to retaliate. Too bad for the gamedevs, but they already got my money. Just a few more days and I'm back in business=)

  30. SOCOM 4 - E3 2010 debut - late 2010 launch.

  31. To the guy who responded to me:

    Mass Effect 2 - timed exclusive.

    Halo Reach - a third Halo game in 12 months, LOL, that alone says how desperate Microsoft have become.

    L4D2 - garbage. This is one exclusive the 360's welcome to as far as i'm concerned.

    Splinter Cell: Conviction - timed exclusive.

    Alan Wake - i'll give you this one.

    Crackdown 2 - i have no idea what this game is.

    MGS: Rising - not exclusive at all, what have you been smoking?

    Forza 3 - LOL, comparing this to Gran Turismo 5 is the equivalent of comparing an egg timer to a supercomputer. You're welcome to Forza's GBC graphics.

    Do you really want more guidance? Xbox 360 is gonna have just as miserable a year next year as it did this year (If not more so).

  32. also

    Dead Nation
    Syphon Filter
    Twisted Metal
    Eight Days
    Getaway 3

  33. Wii HAVE best line-up !!!!

  34. @ directly above me:

    If you have nothing to say then say nothing.

    David, Mass Effect and Splinter Cell won't come to the PS3!

    Keep on dreaming.

  35. There is always a chance games can go multi platform, but as of now Mass Effect and Splinter Cell are 360 exclusives, and MGS Rising is not a 360 exclusive, it's Multi platform ( to the tool who said it beforehand )

    Anyway you forgot. FF14 (which is also due for PC), DC Universe and The Agency ( Not to be confused with Rockstars "Agent" )

  36. Shadow Complex
    Halo 3: ODST
    GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony
    GTA: Episodes From Liberty City
    Forza Motorsport 3
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Mass Effect 2
    Splinter Cell: Conviction
    The Secret World
    Alan Wake
    Crackdown 2
    Halo: Reach
    Fable III
    Gears of War 3

  37. Oh, and PS3 only got Resistance 3? Dream on fanboy

  38. Natal isnt a game you slut bag

  39. And some of those “exclusives“ are coming to PS3. Anyway why are Xboxs fanboys even on here?cant they just accept that we won 2010?

  40. To the idiot who said ME2 and SC:C will never come to PS3, maybe you should do your research.

    EA have already accidentally confirmed that Mass Effect 2 will be on the PS3 via their own Russian website.

    In a recent interview a member of the Ubisoft team working on Splinter Cell cryptically said that there's "Always hope for Splinter Cell: Conviction on PS3.".

    That's two 360 "Exclusives" gone in the blink of an eye, keep dreaming and when you wake up.......remember to do some research before posting.

  41. Oh so you PS3 fanboys can come on our thread but a PS3 thread we can't come on?

    David, maybe you're deaf; Didn't you hear when EA said Mass Effect is a Xbox 360 exclusive and killed the rumor.

    Oh, maybe you also didn't hear when one of the main devs behind SCC said those games will always be Xbox 360 exclusives, again killing yet another rumor. No, you PS3 girls never hear, you don't buy games, and you don't come on PSN no wonder so many devs jumped ship and left Sony:

    Square left,
    Rockstar left,
    Capcom left
    Insomniac want to leave
    Namco left

    Go figure, you guys come on line talking but don't back it up.

    David, don't tell me what thread to come on.

  42. LOL - are your parents brother and sister? It's no wonder you hide behind an "Annonymous" username - most blind, ignorant fangirls usually do.

    Don't you remember when Microsoft CONFIRMED Bioshock as 360 exclusive? LOL....look how that turned out, retard.

    Splinter Cell will always be 360 exclusive? LMAO - who said that?

    You 360 morons are so predictable, you're too poor to afford a PS3 so you settle for a sub - standard machine with last - gen graphics and a buggy online mode, then you bash the PS3 because you know you'll never be able to afford one with your pedestrian job and studio apartment.....your parents must be really proud.

    Square didn't leave. Neither did Rockstar....or Capcom, or any of the dev's you just mentioned, you MUST be retarded. Also - where's your proof? LOL - you slam PS3 fans for saying things without backing it up.....where are your links providing confirmation of those ignorant, retarded remarks???

    I know you 360 girls have a lot of spare time on your hands seeing as how there isn't a single exclusive game available for the Xbox 360 but the fact that you're resorting to lusting over PS3 games shows how pathetic you are. Get a proper education, a proper job and maybe you'll be able to afford the best games like most normal human beings.

    I'd reccomend not showing your face here again - you've embarassed yourself enough you inbred hick.

  43. David, you say Mass Effect and Splinter Cell are not Xbox 360 exclusives, can you play either on you expensive black thing?


    IT's like you droids, finally got a little going for your brand and suddenly, MS is out.

    Dream on. See, unlike Sony, MS got a moneytree, they ain't going no where, whereas, i cannot say the same for the PS3 and Sony!

  44. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  45. all 360 fanboys need to stop bitching.

    to the guy who said all these companies left sony, your a dumb ass.
    -rockstar developed on xbox1
    -square developed on multiple consoles,just lost FF13 in US
    -isomniac dont want to leave. they said they have a strong relationship with sony but their independent so they can if they want, just like naughty dog. if they wanted to they could, sony doesnt own them.
    -namco was never sony exclusive.

    360 has done good till now. really they had nothing this year except forza and odst. and next year dont have much. anyone who says sony hasnt been dominating is mentally retarded.

    and ive heard that new syphon filter and twited metal would come out, thats badass. some of my favorite ps1 games.

    so far ive hear for 2009 and 2010
    killzone 2
    uncharted 2
    ratchet and clank
    demon souls

    god of war 3
    gran turismo 5
    lost guardian
    mod nation racers
    FF13 versus
    heavy rain
    white knight chronicles
    resistance 3(not confirmed)
    killzone 3(not confirmed)
    syphon filter(not confirmed)
    twited metal(not confirmed)

    damn ps3 is rollin

  46. dont forget ps3 got a late start, and xbox is a good system its still no ps3. its too ahead of its time dev are dying to tap into the ps3 dual cell, i think that if ps3 & xbox released on the same day xbox would be dead and buried but i have to say xbox was smart to release early. i own both systems but i prefer the ps3, and sony will never go out of business have you seen their hdtv or dont forget about blu-ray... suckers

  47. i only care about grand theft auto.its on both.there are advantages and disadvantages of both.360 can get chipped and people can buy games even less than a dollar.ps3 cant get chipped.360 has the rrod fault and my 2 chipped 360s got wasted.now i have ps3.ps3 has the blu ray.psn is free and 360 live is not.360 has an ugly look.thats all i got to say

  48. That line up doesn't exite me, only Kz3 for me

  49. All I have to say is after 3 RROD's and watching dozens upon dozens of youtube videos to fix it (im out of warranty) Im done. I have ALL the systems and love them ALL but Im so bummed that I paid MORE than my PS3 to get a 360 of equal capability and the damn thing is a friggin brick AGAIN (upgraded heat sinks and everything!) I love alot of the games on my 360 but enough is enough. I can do without a few admittedly fantastic exclusives if my damn machine wasnt as fragile as a friggin robins egg. The PS3 is built like a tank, is more future proof than the 360 (just with blu-ray), has Free online, and is busting ass getting the games line up into the forefront. I'm gonna hate to miss Gears and Halo but Im not going to spend another 60 bucks on a game so it can sit in my cabinet. Nor will I buy ANOTHER F@#kin machine.
    You know whats gonna happen is MS is going to come out with the Xbox 720 or some crap TWO years ahead of everyone else to finally put the craptastic durability of the 360 to rest and Im gonna feel the SEGA thing happening. (no love from the company) Speaking of love,I go into walmart and they are still selling PS2's for cristsake. How long has it been since you've seen an xbox or gamecube out there? How much you wanna bet thats what you'll see with the PS3? Long after the 720 is out people will still be buying PS3's and games for it. PS3 owners know they have something thats gonna last in many ways. Love 'em or hate 'em Sony's in it for the long haul with the PS3. That's it from me. (while I wait for some wacked out homebrew fix kit for my 360, and try one of those towel/hairdryer fixes from the youtube videos. F@*K!! )

  50. To the guy replying to me - don't you know what a timed exclusive is??? The Xbox 360 get's it first.........then PS3 get's it 6 - 8 months later. That's how it works. Will we be able to play it the same time as you? NO! Will we get to play it a little later? YES!

  51. Braid is also coming to PSN, speaking of timed exclusives. Little Big Planet won't hit Xbox in a million years though. Case in point.

  52. I'm the same anon as above, as much as i love ps3 it's stupid to say 360 has last gen graphics. sure it's ugly, breaks, charges for online, won't ever get Final Fantasy 14, only supports overpriced microsoft harddrives, charges extra for wireless adapter.. but hey, some of the graphics are pretty nice! not nearly as nice as killzone 2 or uncharted 2, but still.. nice..

  53. Get a decent PC along with your PS3, and you're pretty much covered.
    Much to look forward to; too bad I don't have time to play half of the more anticipated games.

  54. To the guy above me. the only reason why Xbox 360 and ps3 graphics are comparable is because if the developer goes all out on the graphic, the xbox 360 wont able to handle it. They need to meet at a medium so both consoles can run at its optimal level. Why you think PS3 exclusive graphics are far more superior than any of multiplatform games that came out?

  55. idiots FFS go look up xbox360 vs ps3 round four on youtube. that will prove which console has better graphics ( its a really good clip describing the consoles ability. plus its not really biased). enough ssaid

  56. I have a 360 elite and ps3. The only reason I play xbox is for ges like halo, mass effect and gears of war. Other than that ps3 has the best games. I mean uncharted 2, come on now! Def superior. In order for xbox to make a decent game (mass effect 2) they have to put it on two discs lol. I'm wondering when a new Tomb Raider will come out. Sony has always been the best, I still get sentimental thinking about when I got ps1 the day it came out and thought crash bandicoot was the best thing in the world lol goog times.

  57. I have both consoles and mainly play on xbox 360 because ps3 controller just sucks big time.

    On ps3 controller you have really bad triggers, analog sticks top is round so your fingers slip easily and it's just made for people with very very tiny hands.
    It's total crap compared to xbox 360 controller.

    But game wise both have nice exclusives so you should get both and not whine about it.

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